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EarthHero: Your Amazing Zero Waste Online Marketplace

More than ever, purchasing is made faster and easier. In 2019, the global online sales reached 3.5 trillion US dollars and is expected double in 2022. How did EarthHero use this to change the world?

Rise of Eco-friendly Online Marketplaces

Amid the boom of e-commerce is the unprecedented growth of sustainable online marketplaces. This is highly supported by the growing number of consumers who see the environmental and social impact in their shopping habits. For instance, in a survey conducted by Fashion Revolution, statistics show that “more than one in three people consider social (38%) and environmental (37%) impacts when buying clothes.”

Some factors important in their purchasing decisions are fair living wage of workers, environmental protection, safe working conditions, animal welfare, local production and use of recycled materials. In addition, consumers also look for brands that, in the long run, can solve pressing dilemmas such as climate change and global warming. Indeed, the growing trend of sustainability is a response to global crisis. But what is an eco-friendly online marketplace? And why it is taking a fast track in business? Let’s find out.

The eco-friendly online marketplace, also referred to as sustainable e-commerce, is a community of distributors, retailers, and consumers that manufacture, produce and consume products with the primary aim of saving the planet. There’s actually a lot of brands to name, such as Veles, Puracy and Lush. The point is, they are platforms that are actually taking steps to treat the earth friendly, not just for marketing strategy.

Now, why is there a rise in eco-friendly online marketplace? Because more than ever, environmental impacts are evident in daily life. We see plastics and Styrofoam in the ocean; underneath the Earth’s surface are buried stuffs that take thousands of years to perish; air is polluted and dark; and climate is either extremely hot or cold. We are having the taste of Earth’s capabilities, but in the most disheartening way. We know it is humanity to blame. Because of this, platforms such as EarthHero emerge in the online marketplace.

EarthHero’s Story


EarthHero believes that the market holds a powerful place in the consumers’ hearts, thus, the boom of e-commerce. Because of this, they used the internet to participate in the online marketplace. However, they wanted to go beyond the norm and instead, create a platform that does not only provide ease in shopping, but also care for the planet. EarthHero was born.

This is the humble beginnings of EarthHero. First, having a sustainable vision, they searched for brands that support sustainable living. They tapped sources and manufacturers who produce eco-friendly products and services. Also, they partnered with brands that are serious in taking sensible steps in their products and processes—from sourcing of materials to delivering their goods.

EarthHero is eyeing a better future. Their ideals also extend in changing company habits, opinions of consumers, and even public policies. They are not just an organization. They are a movement. They want sustainable shopping to be the new norm.

As important as their goals, the skeleton of the company is composed of highly passionate individuals who are committed, not just for serving in EarthHero, but also in giving back to the Earth. Founder and CEO Ryan Lewis considers himself as a nature junkie and has a life dedicated towards environmental sustainability.

How Sustainable is EarthHero?

EarthHero Impact
Image by EarthHero

The systems and processes of EarthHero is primarily designed to support sustainable production and marketing. It battles the harmful traditional production process through the following practices: using renewable materials, cleaner production, lower carbon footprint, higher quality, and less waste.

Better materials vs extracting finite resources

With the many products manufactured each day, the Earth becomes exhausted and consumed. Because of this, EarthHero embraces brands that only use renewable, organic, upcycled, and recycled materials in their product. These include materials made from organic hemp, bamboo, recycled rubber, recycled PET fabric, and sustainably harvested wood.

Clean production vs production that causes pollution

Most of the pollution in the industry is from the power sources used. The brands catered in EarthHero are those redesigning production by powering their operations with renewable energy sources. They also prefer product brands that use fewer chemicals in their goods, as well as those harnessing production waste by recycling and reusing excess materials and ingredients. Specifically, they welcome companies that are BPA free, energy-efficient, handmade, practices sustainable marketing, and those who use low impact dyes.

Lower carbon footprint

EarthHero is concerned of reducing carbon footprint produced in every purchase. To realize their aims, they partnered with CarbonFund, an august organization exerting efforts to fight climate change. Through this, they were able to offset energy use and reduce carbon footprint. They also cater to local manufacturers, such that all products are from the USA, so each parcel does not have to travel that long and consume a lot of fuel. Moreover, the products uses packaging that are recycled, recyclable and compostable.

Higher Quality

While most brands are driven by digits, companies associated to EarthHero eye more on the quality of their goods. Their products were crafted to last longer from reusable water bottles to durable clothes.

Less Waste

Because items are of optimal quality, there are lesser chances of products going to bins. The products from these brands are meant to be recycled or composted, thus, lesser waste.

What can you buy from EarthHero?

EarthHero products

EarthHero has almost everything you need on occasions or on a daily basis. Their site perfectly portrays that zero waste living is possible and achievable. An array of sustainable products are available in their store. To feature some, they have clothing and footwear section, baby and kids, home and office, travel, audio and tech, pets, sports and outdoors, and beauty and care.

Their platform is also beginner friendly. They feature starter packs for neophytes and comprehensive self-help books in their EarthHero Library. What’s more, they offer collections for various occasions to make gift-giving less stressful. In addition, they also offer wallet-friendly deals through their sales and rewards points system.

Why buy from EarthHero?

EarthHero is not just an online platform for shopping sustainably. More than that, it is a medium that involves its consumers to carry on the practice. It also influences the market and manufacturing system with hopes of creating a new norm of eco-friendly selling and purchases. And, it is a marketplace supporting the community and the earth.

While treating the planet kindly is the primary concern, EarthHero does not compromise quality. Their brands are delicately and responsibly sourced and made. This is true and evident from choice of materials, production processes, packaging, and delivering. Every process up to obtaining your purchase mainly focuses on saving the planet.

In addition, EarthHero gives privileges to consumers through their rewards points, free shipping and free returns. They also slash out prices almost on a daily basis.

More importantly, the emotional and social value you will receive from every purchase is incomparable. It is a perfect practice of guilt-free shopping.


Granted, we cannot change the world in an instant. However, we can always gradually change our ways for the world. Through embracing sustainable shopping, we help build a better future for the next generation. We help the Earth heal faster. It takes time, and takes millions of hands and hearts, but our tiny efforts always count.

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