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The Lorax: Deep Dive on Its 5 Timeless Lessons

Want to teach their children about environmental stewardship? Go watch the Lorax.

Cartoon movies are a staple of children’s entertainment. They include lighthearted comedies such as Tom and Jerry, Ogie and the Cockroaches, Then the heroic stories of the Power Puff Girls and other such films. And the nitty-gritty plot-driven stories of the Avengers, Transformers or the Studio Ghibli films.

Children learn a lot from what they watch, and many people can attest to that. There is no doubt that this generation is a faster learner than previous generations. And as a result, young children should be watched while watching something on the internet or social media, such as YouTube.

Parents or guardians should choose what their children watch, ensuring that it is something that will not only allow them to learn new skills and become more intelligent but also introduce them to eco-friendly movies as well as books.  

Animation as a Form of Entertainment 

Filmmakers and other visual content creators use animation to capture viewers with vibrant creativity. Animations were developed for the people not only to be entertained but also to get some life lessons. This genre is a growing field with several branches of different interests.

Animated GIFs are the most popular videos on social media right now. People are sending these GIFs to their friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter as a means to visually connecting with them, especially in a fun way.

Youngsters should indeed appear to be the primary intended audience, yet advertisers need to broaden their appeal to include a wider age range and find innovative ways to appeal to new viewers. Because the target audience is typically too young to comprehend, useful lessons are often overlooked in animated films.

What is the Lorax?

The Lorax | Child and Adolescent Literature May 2014

The Lorax is Dr. Seuss’ novel that has been adapted many times into film and TV. Illumination Entertainment, creators of the famous Despicable Me franchise, created the 2012 Lorax animation. 

Dr. Seuss wrote the Lorax as a warning tale about humans’ environmental responsibility. Dr. Seuss presents the Once-ler as a representation of human greed. This is a rash Thneed businessman. He has an unbridled desire that causes the immediate surroundings to be destroyed.

The Lorax is a character who respects the rights of all creatures whose lives are severely impacted by environmental damage. He is the one who tried but fails to persuade the Once-ler to quit. The Once-ler realized what he has done. However, the environment has already been destroyed. When the Once-ler accepted accountability, the story ends on an optimistic note with the possibility of ecological rehabilitation.

How Does the Lorax Relate to Real Life?

 The Once-ler is a symbol for all businesses that are unconcerned about the environment and just care about making money. What does “The Lorax” stand for? The Lorax is a character who represents all businesses that are opposed to dumping items in the environment of animals.

People in the Lorax are acting that they need the thneed that was discovered by one person, they only think for themselves and they expect what other people may give to them. And, it is just like in our society. Sometimes, when there is a person who has something that is pleasing the eyes of many, many people will say that they need that thing too where in fact, they don’t really need it. Meaning, they do not appreciate what they have like in the movie.

In the Lorax, at first, they nobody liked the thneeds until one person discovered it and all of a sudden it was demanded by everyone.  The thneeds became popular and everyone had seen all of its use and it made them want the thneeds even more. The truth is that they don’t really need it. They were only attracted by it because it is popular. With this, we can say that there is a similarity between the characteristic of the people in the Lorax and the people in real life. 

Also, they are only concerned with how to benefit themselves in the film, and as a result, they are unaware that they may be harming others especially when they are overproducing the thneeds and clear-cutting all of the truffula trees. The Once-ler was unconcerned about how many animals’ houses he was robbing. He also didn’t consider how he was destroying the beauty of nature.

This is just like in our today’s world and it can be considered as a major issue. The desires of the people for themselves are causing the environment to be harmed and we sometimes do not think about the needs of other living things. In the story of the Lorax, what the Once-ler did to the environment came back to him, and it would also be the same for us if we continue to be selfish. 

Finally, in both worlds, people expect a lot from others. They expect others to assist them when they are in need. Some people think that if others became successful, they can be assisted or they can be showered by some blessings from them. In our world, it is also one of the major issues. Many people want the government to assist them, although many of them are capable of working one or more jobs.

How Did the Lorax Help the Earth?

Following an explanation of how trash in a wastebasket eventually ends up in a landfill or incinerator, the Lorax suggests practical ways for children to eliminate pollution, like bringing a lunchbox, making donations of old toys and clothes, sharing magazines with friends, recycling bottles, and cans, and using rechargeable batteries.

He also shows them how to save energy in their homes by shutting off lights, having shorter showers, wearing sweaters to stay warm, and much more. Overall, this is an excellent introduction to environmental stewardship and the need of encouraging children to read.

For its quirky characters and amazing, Seussical wordplay, The Lorax is a favorite of children’s reading lists. Its cautionary message, however, is as relevant today as it was then. Respect for the environment and all living things will aid in the preservation of the earth for future generations.

What are the Lessons We Can Get from the Lorax?

In that animated movie, the Lorax taught us so many things such as: 

Do not be beaten by money

THE LORAX Movie Image Once-ler | Collider

Once-ler was determined to make more thneeds and was not going to allow the Lorax to stop him, thus he ignored the Lorax in the film, even if it meant ruining the ecosystem. He just cares about himself, and in today’s culture, it teaches us not to be beaten by money. The Once-ler represents the businessman in our culture who manufactures things using many sorts of chemicals.

Their mentality of making a lot of money caused them to lose sight of the fact that there are things more valuable than money, and that it is our clean and healthy environment that allows us to live peacefully and safely. As a result, we should not be like the Once-ler, who just thinks about himself even if it means abusing the environment.

Think About the Effect of Your Action

Your Box Office Explained: The Lorax Goes Green Again

The Once-ler settles in the Lorax’s neighborhood and begins felling truffula trees to start a company selling truffula tree tuft thneeds. The truffula trees are destroyed, and Bar-ba-loots, Swomee-Swans, and Humming-Fish are lost as a result. 

In the last part, he understands that what he has done was cruel to all living animals in the neighborhood as well as the environment. It was at this point that he realized he’d made a mistake. When the impact didn’t appear, he didn’t consider what else his activities may have caused, so he kept going until his business closed and he was alone. So, let us not be blinded to the things that might be beneficial or easy to us. Always keep in mind the consequences of our actions, who will be affected, and who will suffer when the time comes.

Throwing rubbish in rivers and oceans is a simple example; we should consider the consequences of doing so, as well as who might be affected by it in the event of a natural disaster such as floods. It’s quite frequent these days, so don’t be like the Once-ler.

Care for the Environment

The Lorax PSA encourages kids to enjoy the outdoors ...

Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax is a light-hearted yet vital cautionary story. If we do not accept collective responsibility for environmental care, our own planet will soon resemble that of the Lorax.  Respect for the environment and environmental sustainability. In other words, unfettered economic efforts inevitably degrade the natural environment, turning it into a wasteland unsuited for human life.  

We, as humans, should consider how we might assist in the clean-up of the environment. We should pick up trash whenever we encounter it to avoid air pollution. We also need to ensure that all of the species that dwell beneath the sea have access to clean water. We must ensure that our environment is secure and healthy, since after they are gone, we may never be able to replace what they have left behind. 

Be Hardworking

Totally Truffula!: 01/03/14

In the animated film The Lorax, some characters are looking for assistance from others. Even if many of them can work on the sidelines, the characters in the film are waiting for aid from the government. So, in our daily lives, let us not rely solely on the assistance that the government or others may provide. If we are capable of doing more than one job to meet our wants and requirements, we should urge ourselves to work hard rather than relying only on the government or blaming them when we are unable to meet our necessities.

Where Can We Watch Lorax And Where Can We Find His Books?

The Lorax can be watched online on Netflix, Hulu and is also available on YouTube. We can also read its book online and there is an upcoming new story in 2023. 


Many aspects of the actual world were depicted in Lorax’s universe. Even if the actual world does not always come out in song and dance, it does teach some of the same vital principles that will be relevant in the future. The world would be a better place if everyone learned their lesson.

Unfortunately, we are all human that are not perfect and repeat the same mistakes. What matters is that you identify some areas of worry or lessons to improve. The world of the Lorax and the real world would then be a better place for everyone.

It may appear little, but what matters is what it may become. For the world where we and for the environment that we share together, please speak up.

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