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Tom & Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle: Remove Wrinkles Efficiently Easy as 1-2-3!

Break free from wrinkles with Tom & Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle.

We always want to look presentable as much as possible even on normal days. Looking good doesn’t necessarily have to be physically attractive. It can be with the way we style our hair for the day to achieve that clean look or the right shoes to match our denim look for a casual walk in the park or simply, wearing clothes that are crumpled free.

In the Philippines, there is always this saying uttered by elder people or even the young ones that whenever your clothes are crumpled, you might get chased by an iron. It’s supposed to be a joke, but it can make someone conscious having to wear blouses or polos that are crumpled on a serious note. Hence, it subtly tells us to iron our blouses first because they’re either too crumpled and not a good sight to see or they’re just quite crumpled but still not nice to look at.

On another note, traveling light has been our main goal whenever we go on trips and out-of-town vacations. It is always a must to pack light – pick up portable stuff that you might need along the way, foldable this and that, miniature hygienic items, reusable stuff, and whatnot. Of course, you will have to pack a few nice sundresses or semi-formal blouses for females and polos for males just in case you might wander off an event that requires fancy outfits – for sure you want to be neither overdressed nor underdressed, more so purchase one just for the event.

We all have to save, right? And we came for the adventure, not shopping – unless that was your main goal. Anyway, with that said, packing light means wanting a few stuff to carry in our luggage. First, to avoid stress and inconvenience, and second, to avoid paying an extra dollar for your luggage that was over the minimum weight.

Imagine if you have to carry along an iron for clothes with you. It doesn’t just add to the weight but it adds stress because you will have to find a socket to plug it in for it to work and you will have to find a clean spot where you can lay your clothes on and cleanly iron your clothes. BUT WE DO NOT WANT THAT. We do hate stress and inconvenience. We always want things to be sleek, easy, and stress-free. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now, regardless if we are traveling or just simply going somewhere, the idea of looking good is like a norm. Hence, we want to carry things in our bags that are useable for any sort of use that it has to offer.

Just like having to iron your crumpled clothes because you only realized that you didn’t, when you were already blocks away from the office and your blouse looks like a mess. You wouldn’t want to drive all the way home just to have your blouse ironed or worse, go to work with a very crumpled blouse on. Nah. I don’t want that either.

And because you are looking for the solution, you came to the right blog. Because I will be showcasing a product that one must purchase as it is an ‘on-the-go product, that anyone would want to have in their homes, in their car, even in their bags.

Don’t worry. Here’s the solution to crumpled clothes, Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle!

What is Tom & Sheri’s Iron in A Bottle?

Alright, let us talk first about the product’s name itself. When I heard about this product, I thought it was some kind of liquid iron just by hearing its name. You know, the ferrous metal, only in the form of a liquid. Don’t attack me on this one, it was what I thought it was. I honestly didn’t think of the iron – the one which straightens the crumples in our clothes.

And when I searched about it, I was kind of skeptical about its real purpose because it was just quite too good to be true for me. I mean, how can this product straighten my crumpled and wrinkled blouse in a matter of a few minutes right after spraying the liquid stuff onto my blouse? If you come to think about it, it’s quite impossible yet possible – thanks to science and sustainable innovation.

Now this ‘sketchy’ feeling that I felt when I knew about it was replaced upon actually experiencing using this IIAB in my daily routine. True enough that ironing clothes can be a tedious chore especially if you have lots of clothes to iron. But with this miraculous product, my days are less stressful. 

What is Tom & Sheri’s?

Tom and Sheri's

Getting to know about the product means getting to know the story behind it and why it’s a must in every household.

Austin Eudaly is the Founder of Tom & Sheri’s which he started in 2018. The company was named after his parents. His parents became his inspiration in life ever since. His mother, Sheri Eudaly gave up the stress and tediousness of ironing when she created a homemade spray. This simple spray solved her ironing problems.

Young Austin’s friends would constantly borrow it from him. It was then he realized that it was a must globally and it would change the global market. After creating the perfect formula, about his mother’s, Austin shared the magic with the world and Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle was born.

Advantages of Using Tom & Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle

Early this year, after collaborating with Tom & Sheri’s on sustainable gift guides, I decided to try out their iron spray. Just to see whether it’s worth all the hype. And it is really the miracle worker for your clothes! Here are the things it does when I started using this tool. I took some photos and a video to show you this amazing wrinkle-remover.


Tom & Sheri’s Iron in A Bottle detangles the fabrics. Just spray it onto your clothes, linens, and other cloth items. Just like how I do it in the video above. I first tried this spray on a large, thick linen sheet, because I wanted to see whether such a small spray can iron a large area. And it does! I applied the spray slowly across the whole fabric. (Note: I only showed you the first part of the spraying iron process.) After 5 minutes, I got the sheet straightened and wrinkle-free.

Smells good

You won’t need to waste your money on fabric conditioners. Their smell won’t even last for three hours. Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle offers the crisp smell of spring. And this smell lasts for the whole day. Imagine straightening your wrinkled clothes with just a spray and you’ll still enjoy the benefit of smelling good. Now, that I’m using the IIAB regularly, I find it a wonderful experience.


I would not recommend this product if it is not hassle-free. But yes, it is convenient. Why? Normal irons where you still have to look for a socket where to plug it in for it to heat up. But Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle gives you no stress in its non-toxic, iron-free formula. Just spray the contents onto your clothes, smoothen it using your hands, and voila! You are wrinkle-free.

Apart from that, it dries quickly! So there is no need to worry about wearing wet clothes because it dries up quickly. Talk about convenience. And to share this convenience, I gifted the Tom & Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle spray to my friend who is starting her career as a public school teacher. She loves how time-efficient her daily routine is now, with this IIAB.


Because the Iron In A Bottle is packaged in a glass bottle, Tom & Sheri’s wrapped a few bubble wraps around the different components of the bottle. But aside from these few bubble wraps which you can reuse as a cushion for your breakables at home, all other materials in Tom & Sheri’s packaging are sustainable.

Seeing it for the first time without reading the labels? You might really think of it as a perfume of some sort. And I guess that’s the kind of branding Tom & Sheri’s would want to give to their products. Its packaging is in a form of a perfume sapphire blue bottle, although the smallest bottle is in a shade of indigo. There is no need to fret about parading it in your car, living room, desk, or even in your bag because as much as it smells good, it also looks good.


Concerned if it will ruin the quality of your clothes? Fret not because its ingredients are plant-based surfactants, naturally based quality controlled agents, distilled water, and linen perfume. Tom & Sheri’s make their iron sprays with an all-natural breakthrough formula derived from plants. So it is eco-friendly and good for your health. It’s not irritating. It is also safe for your skin.


We should always refuse products that test on animals. It’s disgusting. Tom & Sheri’s is one of the sustainable companies that are also vegan-friendly. They work against animal cruelty. As their product was family-inspired, they said yes to cruelty-free. So if you are an animal advocate and value the lives of our dear animals as much as I do, this product is for you. Plus, it is safe to use even when your pets are around.

Something funny actually happened when I was trying this spray for the first one. One of my pet cats, Tangerine, sniffed the spray onto the linen and she rolled onto the fabric. She liked the smell so much that I found it hard to scold her as I was still not finished with the ironing.


Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle is proven safe to use for everyone from babies to animals. Their formula does not contain any harmful chemicals that can harm both the human and natural environment.

Saves Money in the Long-term

It costs a bit expensive upfront. But trust me when I tell you that helps you save electricity. The fact that the product does not require too many sprays on the clothes to prove its charm, it can work well enough to save your time and your money for paying fees for your electricity. It still is in your family budget and can definitely help you save than use the electric iron for two hours.


If you are going to college, traveling even, or mom at home doing household chores, Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle definitely solves your most hated job in the world – ironing a bunch of clothes. Anyone can use it and it is available anytime. You can just place your clothes on top of your lap, spray it, gently smoothen the creases, and you are good to go.

Make your clothes maintenance routine a zero waste, quick process with Tom & Sheri’s. Enjoy 15% off when you ditch your iron for Tom & Sheri’s Iron In A Bottle.

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