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Zero Waste Gifts Guide: Change The Way You Give For Good

Would you give zero waste gifts?

zero waste gift

Buying gifts for our loved ones on special occasions has become a tradition. We give presents to remind them how much we love them. Sometimes, we don’t even mind how much money we spent just to buy their deserved presents.  However, with the impact brought by COVID-19 now, we compromised with the sudden changes in everything.

Although lockdown and quarantine rules are implemented throughout the world, they did not cripple the shopping spree. 2020 survey says that online shopping became the trend during 2020 since everyone is given limitation to go outside their homes. Thanks to it, purchasing presents became possible.

The holiday season kindles our passion to give. After all, the occasion is filled with the spirit of love and giving. For many, it is not just a chore they do to fulfill a routine. It is more of their heart’s desire to express sincerity. This is one of the reasons why many allot a budget for buying gifts. However, in spite of having the passion, many still find it hard to choose the best present, especially if going zero waste.

Zero Waste Gifts: Are They Possible?

For the growing number of zero-waste lifestyle advocates, Christmas is both a challenge and an opportunity to give back to nature. After all, Mother Earth did a pretty amazing job of stretching its hands of sharing its bounty to its settlers. She gave more than enough of what we needed.

There is a dilemma, though. Going zero waste is already tacky on its own. Adding concerns on gift ideas to the equation makes the task even more complicated. The good news is, complicated does not necessarily mean impossible, so it can still be doable.

For everyone’s enlightenment, zero waste doesn’t entirely mean zero trash. Its goal is to lessen unnecessary trash, and that includes too many wrappers, plastics, and any products with a one-time use. It may seem hard to pull this off since the major producers of this wastes are the big industries that do not practice zero, but don’t lose hope, nothing is impossible. This is also applicable in looking for zero waste gift ideas.  

Zero-waste gifts are defined as “handmade, homemade, secondhand or items that help someone refuse and reduce disposable or plastic waste.” So, this means that upcycling that old stuff of yours into something new and beautiful to give to someone is already a zero-waste gift.

If you’re not satisfied with the former, you can go for the latter, buy items from a zero-waste store.

DIY versus Buying Sustainable Gifts: Which is more zero waste?

While both can fulfill the goal of living zero waste, making DIY gifts has pretty more advantages than buying sustainable ones. Here’s why.

First, living zero waste aims to simplify one’s life. This means you only have to buy what you need in order to minimize consumption. You might think buying for a friend can be a good excuse, but this leads us to the second reason: DIY zero waste gifts reduce your purchases and that is a part of the zero-waste campaign.

As we buy new products, the lesser the chance of older stuff to be saved from the landfill. We might not add up to waste, but the same amount of trash is still around us. So if there are still things that can be salvaged, why not turn them into art?

Additionally, creating DIY giftable items can also lead to a great side hustle or business. As long you use your creativity to produce useful and/or aesthetically pleasing objects, people will go to you to enjoy the beautiful fruits of your labor. You could sell in county fairs, bazaars, Etsy, or your own website.

If no stuff can be given new life, purchasing zero waste gifts also sounds like a good idea.

Recommended Zero Waste Gifts

Buying zero waste gifts for a loved one is a practical decision, too. Here, we do not only talk about the items we will give to someone. We also think about the time and appropriateness of the present to the person we are sending them. Though we mostly give gifts during the Christmas season, the following stuff can also be given to the people we love even without the occasion.

For moms

Moms – Our superwomen are truly hardworking. They do an amazing job at keeping the house clean and attending to all their child’s concerns, making them wholesome. So, the following zero waste gifts will not only make their hearts big, but can also help them ease out their home duties for a lifetime.

  1. Glass bowls with lids. Moms really love to go zero waste in terms of food. Since they have that commendable advocacy, we want them to let them know they should keep it up by giving them glass bowls with lids.  Imagine a glass bowl filled with freshly baked cookies sitting in the kitchen, all would really compliment Mom!
  2. Tote bag. Moms love to shop. In fact, they are usually the ones who buy things at home. They can be both a mom and a fashionista by giving them a fashionable tote bag.
  3. Garden plant or pot plant. Moms love a touch of green, not only in the food they cook but also in the front porch. You may actually be fulfilling a favor if you give them a plant that lasts long such as succulents.
  4. Eco-spa gift certificate. Give a mom a relaxing day through an eco-spa. For most moms, family is the priority, thus, allotting little time for self. With a gift certificate, you give them a deserving off from stress.
  5. Zero waste gift sets. A lot of stores offer gift sets such as a kit with a bamboo toothbrush, reusable wipes, and handmade soaps. They are perfect to make any mom smile.

For busy professionals

For the workaholic professionals, every second counts. Thus, they will appreciate gifts that allow them to do things with ease while not taking too much of their time. Here are some creative and sophisticated ideas for them:

  1. Reusable metal drinking straw. Whether in the office or in the field, this set will surely be very useful for having take-out and dine-in with a drink.
  2. Portable coffee mug. Professionals are always on the go, but they cannot leave their coffee behind. Thus, a portable and sealable coffee container that locks in heat will be a good treat to them.
  3. Refillable bamboo pen. Signing is probably one of the things they do in constant. A chic refillable bamboo pen will surely level up that routine.
  4. Personalized bamboo flash drive. In spite the availability of a cloud, flash drives are still preferred by some professionals. They constantly transfer copies of files each day and they need to store it somewhere safe.
  5. Oil diffuse bamboo humidifier. Work can be stressful, but not when they have an oil diffuse bamboo humidifier. It is a great way for them to relax, despite hectic days.

For men

  1. Bamboo travel utensils. Man sure go to places. A bamboo travel utensils will make that experience worthwhile and eco-friendly.
  2. Organic handkerchief. Let an organic handkerchief take care a man’s sweaty situation. Because organic, the cloth does not invisibly tear up skin. Plus, it is not a threat to the environment.
  3. Ticket to a game sport. Who would not have a sport? Men do love it. A ticket to his favorite game is not only zero waste, it will also be something a man will appreciate.
  4. Wooden beard comb or razor. Let his shaving be with a purpose through buying him wooden beard comb or razor.
  5. Unpacked soap for men. Men loves manly scents. An unpacked soap with masculine touch will surely be appreciated.

For kids

As early as possible, kids should love sustainable products. You can start by giving them this creative and fun gifts.

  1. Wooden toys. Help kids appreciate wooden toys by buying something that suits their preferences and age. Animal sculpted toys is fine with any gender. Boys usually love vehicles, while girls do appreciate kitchen wares or dolls out of wood.
  2. Stainless steel water bottle and lunch box. Make them enjoy their meals through stainless steel water bottle and lunch box. There are products that has kid-friendly lids, so you do not have to worry about them having difficulty of using it.
  3. Bamboo toothbrush. Kids know the importance of brushing teeth. Show you support by giving them bamboo toothbrushes than plastic ones.
  4. Arts and craft supplies. Kids love to show their creativity and you can show you care by buying them arts and craft supplies.
  5. Organic shirts. Take care of their body, and at the same time portray zero waste advocacy by carefully choosing cloth materials that does not harm the environment. Kids also appreciate new shirts with funny and creative designs.


Gift-giving is made more meaningful with a zero-waste lifestyle. Aside from sending our loved ones items that they will surely enjoy, we also give back to the environment by going to zero waste. That is even more rewarding with two goals in line. Moreover, giving zero waste gifts now means giving a better future to younger generations. It is work we need to fulfill even on holidays. The best gift is to let them enjoy the green future that they deserved.


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