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Puracy: Home of #1 Award-winning Cleaning Products

Puracy: Is It Worth Buying Their Products?

Pinch me if I am dreaming, but who would not want to have a clean and safe environment? The one where people are not scared to sit on someone’s sofa because it is so neat and clean. Also, ever seen your people hoard cleaning products, especially if these products are on sale? Mothers are especially very meticulous and enjoy cleaning stuff and making sure they are sleek and span. However, that is not an issue to worry about because it is natural.

Our natural tendency to look for a clean and safe place allows us to feel protected and secure continuously. After all, this is one of the basics in the hierarchy of needs. But what if the place you think very safe is the main threat in the family?

Most of the time, people entrust the sanitation of their homes to traditional commercial cleaning products. Perhaps purchasing almost every product in the market which advertises 99.9% efficacy. At some point, these products effectively illuminate visible dirt. However, most of them contain substances that should not even be available in the safety of our homes. This opens up to a more menacing problem—exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Does this mean that achieving safety and cleanliness is in vain? Of course not. With that said, the ultimate brand for famous cleaning essentials, Puracy, comes in—a platform designed to make award-winning products that are both effective and non-toxic.

But before illustrating the efficacy of Puracy, it is essential to understand why it is necessary to use natural and organic cleaners.

Why should you use natural and organic cleaners?

Natural cleaning products provide a healthier home.

If you have been a fan of cleaning products with high chemicals as part of their ingredients but have a wonderful smell, sorry to burst your bubble, friend. They harm you very much. This is why purchasing and using natural cleaning products is highly encouraged to use instead of products filled with chemicals that are not good for our health.

When using natural cleaning products, you break free from harmful toxins that may harm your family and pets that may spread in the air, affecting your breathing. Therefore, we always resort to buying air cleaners that emit natural and pleasant scents without compromising our health. Thus, using natural cleaning products will not only provide a soothing experience, but it is also definitely good for our health.

Natural cleaning products yield better air quality.

Aching for that natural breeze as if you are in the forest? Worry no more because natural cleaners can eliminate strong chemical smells that may be harmful to your health and replace essential oil fragrances that give your home that aromatherapy atmosphere. Sure, mainstream products can be more pleasant due to artificial odor but know that these chemicals can put your health at risk. So do not ever be fooled by the smell!

Moreover, instead of feeling the comforts of your home, you feel the opposite because your cleaning products give off different sensations that are hazardous and can only add up to your headaches and breathing problems. Puracy, on the contrary, is a good brand of cleaners that effectively clean and disinfect everything from your body to your pets to your household surfaces naturally.

Natural cleaning products are safer.

Conventional cleaners may place the safety of your family at risk. This is because most of them contain chemicals that may burn your skin or may poison your child if ingested. However, natural products are proven safe even when inhaled or come in contact with skin, especially babies vulnerable to such danger.

Conventional cleaner effects can start with itchiness and irritations, which would eventually lead to more severe problems. Keep your family away from these dangers and start buying natural cleaning products instead.

Natural cleaning products give you more knowledge of ingredients.

If you are cautious enough about what ingredients are used in your products, it is best to determine when you buy natural cleaning products. It is more trusted because facts support its good effects. Some ingredients in conventional cleaners are not required by the government to be listed on cleaning products which gives incomplete information. However, unlisted ingredients would only cause hesitations for consumers.

Transparency in this matter is vital as there could be many imitated products out there that could lure consumers into buying. Therefore, before you buy any products in the market, always search about their ingredients to help you understand how they work.

Natural cleaning products result in a purer environment.

Natural cleaners contribute to a healthier environment by reducing pollution to waterways and air since conventional cleaners contribute to pollution by contaminating bodies of water. Such products are non-toxic and packed sustainably. Organic cleaning products can help fight climate change and reduce both air and water pollution.

Natural cleaning products are less expensive.

Given that its ingredients are purely made out of organic materials (i.e., plants and herbs), natural cleaners are more cost-efficient in the long run.

Apart from that, you can also create your own organic cleaning products without spending more on toxic cleaning products. You can easily find the two most common cleaning products at home – vinegar and baking soda. In addition, lemon, olive oils, and citric acid are also organic products you can use to produce your cleaning products.

With that said, there is no need for spending too much money on 99.9% cleaning products, when you can produce your own.

The Story of Puracy

I think we should all begin starting up a business with our closest buds. JJ Suspenders and 4Ocean are just a few from several companies built in the past years, initiated by two best of friends. This time, the award-winning cleaning brand – Puracy – was a vision created by Sean Busch and Paul Tracy.

They started this company because they were concerned about their families well-being. However, they noticed that products available in the market can either be of the two: effective but harmful, or safe but ineffective. Hence, they want their products to cater both – effective and safe.

Puracy offers safe cleaning products developed by a team of doctors and chemists, making sure that their products are safe for your family. Because of this dedication to safety and quality, Puracy products are consistently on the Amazon bestsellers list. With more than thousands of reviews received, this company upholds its commitment to provide the safest cleaning materials for households.

Recognized by top organizations, with more than 20,000 five-star reviews and 5 million products sold, Puracy upholds its commitment to giving pure love guaranteed to every product they make. According to EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning, the following Puracy Products scored A – Puracy Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner, Green Tea & Lime, Free & Clear, and Puracy Natural Laundry Detergent, Free & Clear – and a D for Puracy Natural Dish Soap, Puracy Natural Stain Remover.

What’s even more amazing about Puracy is its corporate social responsibility. They also donate to local organizations from every single sale they have, promoting a healthy family, a cleaner environment, and a caring community.

Is Puracy sustainable?

Puracy is good for nature

In 2014, Puracy developed the most concentrated laundry detergent made with water sold in the US. With 10x formula that can wash at least 96 loads of laundry by just one 24 oz. bottle – a formula made for reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

A year later, Puracy was then able to develop the first stain remover that includes six plant-based enzymes which eliminate the stain. This made them the only company to have the best stain remover. Also, their biodegradable products such as dish soap – are entirely plant-based.

Suatainability is key to Puracy. They maintain the top spot by offering its customers the most convenient way of refilling their products through refill pouches on the market to save plastic and help conserve the environment.

Are Puracy products effective?

Stains, spills, and other dirty messes are well taken care of with Puracy products. In addition, they are designed to do more with less — they work better, last longer, safer, and have less packaging. Hence, there is no need to question the risk of using Puracy products and their efficacy.

Puracy Products

Puracy is an award-winning brand

Puracy products are safe as their ingredients are purely organic, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic – safe for any family members. Moreover, despite companies in the US not being obligated to include the list of ingredients in their labels, Puracy is transparent, making people trust it more. They emphasize that they are not using harsh chemicals such as sulfates, triclosan, formaldehyde, parabens, phosphates, MEA, DEA, TEA, chlorine, bleach, petrochemicals, animal-by products, neither allergens.

Puracy’s initiative to work with chemists in redefining their products is a good course of action. They value full transparency at the same time. The way they monitor and care for every ingredient in their products is laudable. This includes responsible sourcing of raw materials, scrutinizing the ingredients, and choosing pro-Earth delicate processes. In addition, every ingredient is scrutinized and tested before manufacturing. Lastly, they are certified cruelty-free, safe, and biodegradable.

They also offer their clients the option to have their own account and enjoy some benefits exclusively only for their members.

Puracy offers the following products:

Puracy also offers personal care products safe for your skin – from hair shampoo to skin moisturizers giving you a kind of relaxation. Their natural shampoo uses coconut that rejuvenates your hair and makes it shine from the roots. Proven safe, you can use amounts of shampoo without harming your skin or your hair. In addition, their customers can enjoy a free shipping service with their orders for at least $35.

You can also buy their products on their own website and Target (both online and in brick-and-mortar locations).


Safety and cleanliness can be achieved when you use products committed to providing efficient natural protection. Puracy perfectly executes this from vision through its naturally derived cleaning and personal products.

So, if you are looking for a cleaning and personal lineup for your family of all ages, switch to Puracy. They are tender to your loved ones as they are organic and non-toxic and care for the environment, too.


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