Moment Beauty: 3 Reasons Why You Should Try This Sustainable Skincare Brand

“Be your own kind of beautiful,” they say. Standards for beauty have greatly evolved over the years. Women applied makeup to enhance their features. It is also notable that surgeries and other facial procedures have become famous. People spend a lot on beauty enhancements. 

With that, several people ventured into the beauty business that even celebrities took the opportunity to build their company around beauty. And its target customers – women. Although some companies also cater to men, older people, and even children, it is safe to say that women are its number one customers.

Skincare routines have grown in popularity. Several celebrities have shared their beauty tips and secrets. One of the famous YouTube Channels which invites several women celebrities and influencers to appear in their videos is Vogue. This magazine is a catalyst of beauty and fashion.  Here guests showcase their skincare routines including the products that they use on their faces.

Hence, with its rising popularity, many women engaged themselves in this activity to follow these celebrities and improve and enhance their features. But the price itself is not that fun to see. The higher the demand, the higher the price list gets. The few notable most expensive skincare products with proclaimed good quality are Augustinus Bader, Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Babor Sea Creation, Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Honorstige, and Lancer Legacy Youth.

We all want to enhance our features to feel more confident and better. To slay the beauty we have even more powerfully than ever. However, our wallet prevents us from purchasing skincare that our idols use. Because let’s admit it – it costs us every single dime that we have.

So instead I encourage everyone to love and be comfortable with their skin. You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are spectacular. Always remember that.

Go natural. Find a product that helps you show what’s naturally beautiful within you. Here’s the brand with which you can get your skincare needs for as low as $15.

Want to know more? Scroll down and you’ll see!

What is Moment Beauty?

Moment Beauty Co

Moment Beauty gives a refreshing feeling of a moment of beauty. That the moment you will use it, it gives off so much beauty. And I am not going to lie because it surely will once you purchase and use it.

Based in Miami Florida, Moment Beauty is an all-natural skincare line founded by Maya Stephens which aims to highlight moments of triumph. It’s all about yourself and your moment. With its natural-based ingredients, it helps nurture your skin. They strive to provide the best products without parabens or dyes.

Why Choose Moment Beauty?

With that, why should you purchase Moment Beauty products? Well then, I am your guide, and let me take you to the different reasons why Moment Beauty is worth it.

All-natural Ingredients

One of your many considerations before purchasing skincare products is their ingredients. Of course, as a meticulous buyer, ingredients used to create such products must guarantee that it will not cause any unwanted reactions once it touches your skin. Although it is inevitable for some, especially for those who have sensitive skin, it is significant to really look into the ingredients used especially that these products are for our skin. 

Moment Beauty tells you not to worry.

Its best-seller Moisturizing Brown Sugar Scrub is a gem. Made with natural oils and Vitamin E, it can give you glowing skin. It also has honey for moisturizing and antibacterial power. For those who are prone to acne, Moment Beauty’s bestselling scrubs are here for you.

Brightening Turmeric Scrub

Brightening Turmeric Scrub is made from turmeric, raw cane sugar, honey, coconut oil, vitamin e, and lemon juice. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. It provides glow and revives your skin.

If you’re already satisfied with your glowing skin, you can try their Blissful Citrus Hibiscus Scrub. It is made from raw sugar cane, hibiscus flowers, sweet almond oil, lemon juice, and orange essential oil. It refreshes your skin as if you’re on a tropical vacation.

Blissful Citrus Hibiscus Scrub

The point here is, all their products are made from natural ingredients which will not compromise your health.

Sustainable Packaging

With only fifteen or so bucks, you can already achieve the glow you need to slay the day. The container itself is big enough and is reusable. Hence, once your Moment Beauty Scrub runs out of contents, you may reuse the container. Perhaps a cute candy jar to display on top of your living room’s center table. It could also be a pen holder, as the container itself is aesthetically beautiful.

Basically, you get to see your money’s worth not just with the quality of the product, but also with its container. Given that it is reusable, you wouldn’t have to worry about how to throw it away. Besides, it looks cute once you got a collection of these containers. Imagine how minimal yet aesthetic they would look like a mini decoration in your house, right?

Takes care of your skin

Moment Beauty offers a product that extracts toxins from your skin. Detoxing Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub extracts toxins from your skin and replaces them with essential minerals to take over the dead skin. For those who wish to improve discoloration, Energizing Coffee Scrub is here to do that and also helps increase blood circulation as it is rich in caffeine. Another good thing about this type of scrub? It can be used all over your body!!!

Invigorating Mint Scrub

Do you want to stay fresh amidst your hectic schedule? Moment Beauty’s Invigorating Mint Scrub is here to rescue you. It does not only keep your skin hydrated but it can also take you to a different level of refreshment.

You can never go wrong with Moment Beauty’s Soothing Aloe Vera Scrub as apart from its exfoliating and moisturizing purpose, it helps relieve skin irritation. You may now enjoy a gentle exfoliation with this scrub. Sensitivity who? With aloe vera as one of its ingredients, it automatically ensures a great benefit to your skin.


As customers, we should always make sure that our health is not compromised. Sure, we want to nurture what we have and enhance these features. But always remember to fact-check and see reviews before purchasing a product.

Never do impulsive buying just because everyone is doing it or your favorite celebrity uses it. Given that we have different types of skin, know your skin first. Be meticulous in buying to avoid putting your skin at risk. Also, make sure that it is worth your dime and that it is sustainable and does not put the Earth at risk including your family.

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