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Zero Waste Lifestyle System aims to guide people into a zero waste lifestyle. It will provide content that will enable people to make informed choices about everyday life. Most importantly, this blog seeks to awaken minds towards pressing environmental issues such as climate change.

Our Story

This is a blog on the zero waste lifestyle, with thought-provoking commentaries on environmental issues plaguing our planet.

Zero Waste Lifestyle System is the brainchild of a Chinese entrepreneur and Filipina writer. It is born from the realization of the gravity of waste pollution that was revealed after China’s monumental ban on low-grade recyclables. We saw in horror the world’s bubble of recycling burst when Western countries themselves cannot recycle waste materials on their own. And we cringe in the failure of human behavior towards waste at every news of marine animals dying from plastic. Most importantly, the blog is our way to respond to the climate change that endangers our planet Earth.

At first, we planned to make a blog that provides how-to guides on the zero waste lifestyle alone. This is the norm of zero waste lifestyle blogs where influencers such as Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer have prided in offering advice on transitioning to living zero waste. But as the blog grew older, we saw many issues and human experiences that relate to zero waste. Moreover, we realized that the blog can be a platform to challenge the status quo. To create a space for discussion towards something better than the current system.

More than just guiding people to change their lifestyle, this blog is all about showing them WHY to do so. It is our hope that with every article, we dare people to take action. Zero Waste Lifestyle System seeks to help EVERYONE make informed choices – from individuals, men, women, and children, to communities and institutions. We will be FEARLESS and HONEST in presenting real-life environmental issues and occurrences.

We offer you weekly articles ranging from issue commentaries, how-to guides to inspiring stories on how you can help protect Mother Earth by going zero waste. Subscribe to get weekly updates. For questions, feel free to email us at admin@zerowastelifestylesystem.com.

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