Work From Home Tips: 7 Ways To Become More Productive

Work From Home is one of the growing trends of work-life in the 21st century. Moreso this 2020.

A lot of people are probably spending more time at home right now. Many of us, if not all, are forced into isolation because of the recent coronavirus outbreak. This just means that the working population is also most likely grinding an 8-5 shift in the comforts of their own home.

However, admittedly, it’s not always going to be a productive time in your house. Since you are forced to work comfortably indoors, you will most likely experience laziness when it comes to accomplishing your tasks on time.

Working from home is a luxury many people wish to have, but it can also be a pain when you fall too comfortable, with tasks piling up one after the other.

Be More Productive While You Work From Home

Working from home can be fun, but not until you’re as effective as you should be. With that, here are some of the best ways you can do to become more productive while you work from the comforts of your own home:

Find A Space

First things first: where would you like to fuel your creativity? You may find yourself curled up on your sofa, and the next thing you know, you’re working at the dining table. It’s not really as bad as you think. But you can’t keep moving places if you want to be productive. Find a spot in your home where you can really, actually work and be productive.

Also, determine and divide how you’d like to go on about your day. If you’re more creative in the morning, then maybe you could try setting a spot where you can effectively write, brainstorm, or work on a project. Once you’re done, perhaps you could move to a much more relaxed place in the afternoon for when you’re checking or answering emails.

Get Ready For The Day

A lot of people think working at home means just lounging around in your pajamas and only changing your top when a meeting via Zoom comes up. Well, it can be, but it doesn’t have to stay like that all the time.

Bring back some sense of normalcy into your everyday hustle and bustle life by actually getting ready for the day. Set your alarms the night before, wake up at a specific time, shower, get dressed, and start working!

Establishing a morning ritual will definitely help you get in the right mindset to work and be productive all throughout your shift. On top of that, you can also jot down notes and things you want to accomplish for the day. Doing these things increase your chances of being effective and getting a lot of work done in no time.

Work With Ergonomic Stuff

Working on an 8-5 shift can be really draining. And, not to mention, it can strain your muscles as you sit the whole day in front of your computer. Might I suggest working with ergonomic stuff? These are basically things, tools, or supplies that will make you feel a little more comfortable to work, but not too much that it makes you doze off.

For starters, if you plan to work on a study table, make sure the chair you’re using makes you feel comfortable. At the very least, your feet should be able to touch the floor, so you don’t strain your legs and back. 

Other than that, you can also make use of your everyday stuff at home to make things more comfortable for you. Maybe you could use a small pillow where you can rest your wrists because typing all day long can leave your hands feeling too stiff and tired. You can check out Magnificent Marketing (DIY Finishing Hardware) for more tips about upgrading your home office and helping you stay productive.

Add A Touch Of Green

work from home

Adding plants and ergonomic furniture to your workspace will ultimately help you stay more productive throughout the day. Not to mention, keeping and taking care of plants can also help calm your mind and improve your overall mental well-being while also keeping your environment clean, pure, and free from toxins that can be hazardous to your health.

Keep Lighting In Mind

Working in a poorly lit room will definitely make you doze off after an hour or two of working. Consider staying in a room with as much light as possible. Natural light can be your best option, but take note that too much can cause glare on your computer screen. If windows work great on your working routine, then perfect!

But also try to add in some table or floor lamps to provide you with a targeted task light if your overhead lighting ever seems insufficient. After all, what’s important is you don’t work in a completely “remote” room with minimal to no light at all.

Log Off Of Your Social Media Accounts

Or at least turn the notifications off. Your phone is probably the most distracting thing ever to accompany you while you work from home. We get it, it’s nice to be able to have control over your time, but you wouldn’t exactly finish everything if you keep checking your socials like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It will definitely help you stay focused and keep your priorities in check if you start letting go of your phone the moment you check in with work.

It’s also not going to help if you multitask. Netflix and chill while working will never actually work. So if you’re feeling a bit too drained from work, set a specific time where you can check your phone and have a break. Allowing yourself to have this downtime will ultimately help create a work-life balance anyway.

Know When To Stop

As previously mentioned, it’s essential that you learn the art of a work-life balance. Know when to stop and follow the regular hours of work. You have to know when to rest because if not, you may end up getting too tired and drained for the next working day. In turn, it robs you of the opportunity to consistently be effective despite working from home.

Wrapping Up

Above all else, figure out which ones work best for you. The answer may be apparent, but you can always customize and make things personal for you. You might need inspiration or advice from other people who are in the same boat, but there’s really no tip that would ever suffice if you don’t add a personal touch into your space or routine.

Also, be grateful that you’re working from home! This gratitude will then reflect your motivation to continue working; hence, triggering productivity.

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