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KADOO NYC: Amazing Eco-friendly Gift Boxes for Every Occasion

Gift wrapping products is a staple in every special event.  Aside from the present itself, we show love and appreciation to the receiver through the wrappers we choose. These wrapping products—which can be a paper, box or bag—can be an important tool to express the feelings within the gift; the spirit behind the occasion.

Most consumers find gift wrapping products a necessity. In United States alone, an average of $2.6 billion is spent on gift wraps annually. In addition, the “global gift wrapping products market size was valued at $15.1 billion in 2018,” says a report. Wrappers are gift’s company. KADOO NYC strives to offer people thoughtful gifts wrapped sustainably.

Trend of Sustainable Gift Boxes

                As the demand for gift wrapping products grow and the response of the industry fastens, both consumers and manufacturers seem to create a triumphant relationship. However, outside this circle is an observable truth—a dying planet for every decorative sheet we use.

                Why shift from conventional wrappers to sustainable gift boxes?

  1. Most gift wrapping products end up in trash bins.

Every year, wrapping paper and shopping bags alone accumulates 4 million tons of trash in the United States. At the end of the day, when a person receives a gift, the only object they will keep is the present. The rest—including the ribbons, wrappers, or bags—goes to the trash.

  1. Most gift wrappers are made of paper. Paper are made from trees.

In the United States, data shows that 50% of the paper consumed is on gift wrap and decorative products. Imagine killing a tree—a shelter to various species—to wrap a gift that doesn’t even live? While the presents we send are precious, life is much worthy. So shrink the number of paper used by rethinking ways to pack your gifts.

  1. Conventional gift wrapping products have one-time use.

If using plastic packaging make us cringe because it’s used only ones, then why can’t we when using conventional gift wrappers? The effect is almost the same. These materials end up in the landfill. And while they have shorter life span than plastics, cutting trees from where they came from posts environmental harm as well.

  1. Gift wrapping products rips your budget.

Conventional gift wraps are expensive, since you can only use them once. Meanwhile, sustainable boxes can be upcycled and reborn.

For your next holiday, choose sustainable means of wrapping. One company you can trust is KADOO NYC.

Story of KADOO NYC


KADOO NYC is a shop that views gifts as something that tells the story of your heart. Its mission is structured in sustainability, organic, artisan-made, locally sourced and women-owned. Because of this, they believed that the gifts are cherished forever.

However, KADOO NYC is not just a typical gift shop. It features a traditional wrapping technique called Furoshiki, a Japanese method using cloth as the wrapper. The inspiration? As Indonesian nationals, Juanita and Yudhisty (co-owners of KADOO NYC) grew up in a country where gift-giving is perceived as a crucial part of culture. It is practiced in all occasions. So even when far from home, they wanted to continue observing it. And while both of them love art, they too love the environment. Thus, KADOO.

How sustainable is KADOO?

In contrast to the convenient gift wrapping products, boxes from KADOO NYC are sustainable. Here’s how:

  1. They can be reused.

KADOO gift boxes are meant to be reused. When a person receives your present, they can in turn use the cloth, even the box, to wrap another gift.

  1. They can be upcycled.

Gift boxes from KADOO NYC, including the cloth, can serve multiple purposes. The box can be made into a container or organizer when given a minimal makeover. Meanwhile, the cloth can turn into a bandana, a table cover, a room décor, or a bag scarf. Your imagination is the limit. Especially to people who gives sentimental value to things, KADOO’s gift boxes can be the perfect gift wrap.

  1. They are organic.

Textiles post harm to the environment, but not KADOO’s. They are made with organic materials and are produced with plant-based resources.

  1. They are artisan-made and locally sourced.

The cloths used in KADOO are not from big textile companies. They are made with love by our local artisans. Because of this, ethical practices on production of materials are highly observed.

What do people say about KADOO NYC?

Is KADOO too good to be true? Believe it or not, KADOO NYC items—from cards to gift boxes—are superb. Given, they are sustainable, but there’s more to every gift box.

  1. Concept

Every KADOO NYC gift set tells a story. In fact, they are named accordingly. The entire content of your order, from the cloth to the content, speaks out the message or theme of the occasion.

What makes KADOO unique, too, is the amount of heart put into every piece you receive. They sure is the epitome of their belief.

  1. Packaging and Presentation

When customers open their boxes, they always notice how KADOO gift boxes excites their senses. Every unboxing does not only invites the eye, it activates the sense of smell too from the dried flowers; touch, from the texture of the cloth and gift sets; and hearing, from the subtle sound of the shredded fillers.

  1. Notes and Cards

Messages written in a KADOO note or card is meant to touch the heart. This is how KADOO gift box receivers described their experience. It is what it is: personalized, heartfelt, intimate.

  1. Gifts

KADOO takes time conceptualizing its gift sets. All are sourced with their 5 beliefs in mind: sustainability, organic, artisan-made, locally sourced and women-owned. From chocolates to cutlery, clients are convinced they are made with quality and love.

Why buy from KADOO?–/

The term gift is from the Norse word “gipt” which means give. When we use the conventional ways of gift wrapping and send presents that post harm to the environment, we do not actually give. We take away a part of that special person’s belonging. It can be his life, his future, or even his only shelter.

So when we buy gifts or package our presents, it should be sustainable, just like KADOO. With the Earth in mind, we practice the true meaning of gift-giving.

KADOO epitomizes the very meaning of a gift. It gives not only a precious material thing to the person, but also feelings as KADOO precisely captures the emotion to every gift. Moreover, it offers hope for a better future.

Aside from this, KADOO offers exclusive rewards for its buyers:

  • Create an account and receive $5 store credits just by signing up!
  • Earn $10 store credit for every $375 total spent in lifetime purchase. By purchasing as little as 4 gift boxes or 5 petite boxes, you’ll start immediately earning KADOO store credit.
  • Refer KADOO NYC’s Loyalty Program to anyone and get $5 store credit for you and $5 for your referrals when they make a purchase in KADOO NYC store.

Father’s Day gift boxes by KADOO NYC

Fathers have a special place in KADOO. To show that Dad’s are cherished, this sustainable gift shop launched its Father’s Day gift boxes. Here are some sets:

Father's Day gift box by KADOO NYC

Price: $87.00

Products included: KADOO notecard, bandana, antioxidant-rich mint chocolate, essential kit of hand-made natural toiletries, face towel, shave cream, and hand sanitizer

Price: $87.00

Products included: KADOO notecard, bandana, minty cardamom crisp cookie, essential kit of hand-made natural toiletries, antimicrobial and anti-odor fitness towel, and insulated water bottle

Price: $72.00

Products included: KADOO notecard, bandana, zero sparkling blanc, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, rosemary truffle almonds, and cheese caramels

Price: $72.00

Products included: KADOO notecard, bandana, insulated water bottle, antimicrobial and anti-odor fitness towel, hand sanitizer, and organic granola

Price: $72.00

Products included: KADOO notecard, bandana, cotton face cover, hand washing gel, pomegranate green tea, coconut oat cookies, and bar of mint chocolate

Price: $72.00

Products included: KADOO notecard, bandana, artisanal coffee beans, handmade clay mug, granola and smooth expresso chocolate bar

The mentioned gift boxes can also be availed using their plain bandana designs for $62 each.

This Father’s Day, send some love his way no matter how many miles apart you are. Buy any KADOO NYC gift box until June 21, 2020 and get 10% off with the code: BESTDAD.

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