Cherri: Sustainable Underwear For A Cause

As you go through your zero waste journey, you become more mindful of how you can re-use your food container and water bottle. You may be following your meal plan diligently to avoid processed foods, and perhaps you are probably even growing some vegetables for your own and a lot more. You might have even thought of downsizing your life and going minimalist.

But amidst this journey, something should get realized: Are your clothes a boon or a bane to the environment? And where can you buy clothes, especially undergarments, that help you sustain your zero waste lifestyle? Cherri’s got you covered.

Hard questions? Do not worry, this article would help you know about a certain brand that supports the zero waste movement. We know how important it is for you to know a brand that  is sustainable and organic especially on undergarments. Thus, Cherri got it all for you!

What is Cherri?


Cherri is a brand producing ethically and organic underwear. These undies are aiming to create comfort within everybody at every moment. Cherri prioritizes the wellness of its clients, especially women. It also helps to alleviate the struggle of women concerning the well-being of women using undergarments.

Cherri is a woman-led company based in New York City. They support women in homeless shelters by donating care items for every purchase.

Why do we need sustainable options for underwear?

The current situation of our environment is actually overwhelming. Climate change is taking a toll on many different places around the world, affecting millions of people and animals that resulted to death. Thus, the need to shift to a zero waste lifestyle is the new counter narrative to address the environmental degradation done by humans.

As synthetic products in our clothes with harmful chemicals contribute microplastics to our oceans and other bodies of water, everyone needs to be more mindful in purchasing clothes. While you can buy secondhand clothes, underwear needs to be bought new. And you could do well with buying organic underwear over those synthetic fibers. Otherwise, we are becoming the problem that we are trying to solve.

Further, it is not only our environment that is put at risk whenever we choose synthetic materials with harmful chemicals. We are also putting our health at risk. Synthetic underwear doesn’t breathe, thus creating a less-than-ideal warmth and moisture situation that can lead to issues for both men and women.

These are just few reasons of why we should have sustainable options, especially when it comes to our underwear. Because, what is underneath can create positive or negative impact.

How sustainable is Cherri?

It finds all its materials from all around the United States to avoid them from outsourcing overseas. Sourcing materials locally would help lessen the materials’ carbon footprints in the environment compared to having them from other places like southeast Asia.

Cherri’s commitment to environment is evident on its cotton underwear. According to Cherri, “Cotton underwear prevents any growth of yeast and bacteria growth down there, because it lets the air flow through. If you are not wearing organic, you risk absorbing the harsh chemicals from bleaching and dyeing”.  Thus, its products are also organically dyed to prevent the presence of harsh chemicals in those undergarments avoiding harmful absorption that may harm the human body.

It utilizes a supima cotton which is “a cashmere of cotton. It’s the finest type of cotton grown in the USA with premium properties including strength and softness that outshines other types of cottons. It’s also the most eco-friendly type of cotton and it’s organic”, as stated in their website.

Further, Cherri’s packaging is made from recycled papers that have low impact to the environment. Its products are stored in 100 percent compostable wrappings to put plastics at bay. These compostable packaging materials is their supplemental ways to lessen non-biodegradable wastes.

On top of it, Cherri is continuesly seeking its client’s suggestions on how to improve their eco-friendly packaging to be able to enhance its environmental conservation practices.

What does Cherri offer?

Cherri has its own product line that are made out of organic cotton. You can choose what you actually want and prefer from it.  

It has standard Domestic shipping for only $5 with approximately 3 to 5 days while international shipping is available for only $15 with approximately 5 to 12 days. It has return and refund policy which are as follow:

Exchanges (if applicable)

You need to send an email at and it will mail you a prepaid mailer to send back your products in. Once the said item is recieved and will send you a new new size or style according to your request.


If the item was labeled as a gift when purchased and shipped directly to you, you will  receive a gift credit for the value of your returned products. Once the returned item got accepted, a gift card will be emailed to you. However, if the product was not  marked as a gift when purchased, or the gift giver had the order shipped to themselves to give to you later, it will send a refund to the gift giver and it will find out about your return.


Shipping is not refundable when you ship it for return. Also, depending on where you reside, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary. And if you are shipping a product over $75, it is better to have trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance as Cherri cannot guarantee that it will receive your returned item.

Why you should buy from Cherri?

Cherri is not only a companion that offers sustainable and eco-friendly products. It also has advocacy and commitment for social transformation. Its commitment helps address social issues which create significant difference in our society.

One of these is the issue of violence against women. According to the prior to the existence of Covid-19 hit the world, there is a high number of domestic violence that is occurring. The recorded 243 million women and girls aged 15-49 across the globe have experienced sexual or physical violence with intimate partners. And during this Pandemic it is expected to increase.

Given this, Cherri donated hundreds and hundreds of products to various shelters that caring for homeless women. This is Cherri’s commitment and mission that whenever you purchase it’s product a portion of its profit goes to its donation drive that gives underwear products to women in homeless shelter in the United States.

Hence, a zero waste lifestyle does not only mean caring for the environment, it also means addressing socioeconomic issues. So one way to go zero waste is to support an eco-friendly brand that gives back to the community where help is needed the most.

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