Buying Secondhand: How to get the best bargains

Nowadays, the new trend is to buy secondhand and go thrift shopping, especially now that we have a pandemic.

We are more attracted to buy secondhand products and tend to bargain, just like when we bargain in the market or thrift shops because most of the time, secondhand items are much better than brand new ones. And they fit so well in our budgets.

Buying secondhand is more sustainable than getting new items because it keeps items from landfills. Not only do you save money with quality finds, but you also reduce waste in the environment.

Purchasing secondhand products is not bad, contrary to most concerns. We just really need to be critical of every purchase because sometimes it is not worth buying it if we do not really check it right. We cannot deny that sometimes in our life when we purchase secondhand products sometimes it is not worth it at the agreed price. There can be times when we will regret that we bought it secondhand and sometimes we say this line “I hope I just bought a new one instead of secondhand”. We need to be careful so we do not waste money on products that are worth paying for.

Things To Consider When Buying Secondhand


Why do we need to consider the price? Of course, this is for us to test if the products are worth the price that we are about to agree with. Sometimes if the price of secondhand products is just the same as the brand new, then we should go for the brand new but in my experience, these instances are so rare. Most of the time, secondhand items are of much better quality than the brand new ones. So the price is really worth it in purchasing it.


When we want to buy something, especially if it is second hand, we really need to check if the quality is still okay or if there are no issues whatsoever. For gadgets they sell secondhand, these can have issues on the screen but still working. Whatever you buy secondhand, you should check its quality to see whether it’s worth buying.

Type of Product

The type of product you will buy will also be a factor in getting secondhand items. Not all products that we want can purchase as secondhand or more likely to say, we cannot buy everything as secondhand. Things like clothes, books, gadgets, furniture and other things or products that are suitable for secondhand. And they are great for bargaining. But some products that are not hygienic to sell as secondhand things are underwear and overused shoes.

Why do we love bargains?

Photo of Discount Sign

We really love to bargain, especially if the original price of the products that we are about to purchase is expensive and is beyond our budget that is why bargaining is tempting and it makes us saved.  Especially now that Christmas and New Year is fast approaching, many people will love to bargain with some stuff that can be given as a gift to their loved ones. Giving a gift on Christmas and New Year are already part of our traditions so many people will buy things that they can give as a gift.

Of course, now that Christmas and New Year are fast approaching, malls and other stores are already posting about sales and other kinds of discounts that we can get if we purchase some products or buy things from them.  Therefore, people who love to bargain are everywhere and buy things they really like and sometimes some people will buy tons of stuff and other things that they will give as a gift.

Jo Salter, Founder of “Where Does It Come From?“, said, “We all like a bargain, don’t we? It’s thrilling! What is it that excites us so much? is it because we feel we’re saving money? Perhaps we love the idea of getting something for less money than it is worth? Or do we just like the idea that we’ve paid less than somebody else? Whatever it is that pushes our buttons, bargains are big business – with flash sales (Sale MUST end tomorrow!), BOGOFs, and seasonal offers everywhere, tempting us to spend our cash.”

How and Why do Retailers Give Us Bargains?

If you think about it, I’m sure you’ll realize that retailers need to make a profit, so they certainly won’t be planning to sell anything at a loss. The retailer generally wants to buy something as cheaply as they can and sell it on for as much as they can get. They pitch the price by analyzing the market and how much people will spend on a particular item. For branded designer items, you can expect to pay many times more than the retailer paid.

But retailers have to consider their costs. If they can’t pay their bills then they will go out of business. Using bargains is a great way to manage their money coming in (alias cash flow).

Here’s some reasons why retailers create bargains:

  • Clearing Space For New Stocks: They might need to clear space for new stock which they believe will sell at a higher price – it’s more fashionable/the new version/seasonal. They can then sell off the remaining, older stock, often with less popular/out of date items left, at a cheaper price. It’s still income and better than being in a box in the storeroom.
  • Inflated Prices: For high fashion items the prices can be massively inflated initially and then reduced after a certain amount of time when interest is waning.

Bargaining is good. We could save money and still be satisfied with the stuff that we bargain but there are really times when we are being carried away by the word of the seller. We are being sales talked and lead to buy the stuff even though it is not worth the price and is not important or not on our list to buy. Thus, it is really important to know some things and tips on how to get the best when it comes to bargaining.

How To Get The Best Bargains in Secondhand Items

secondhand clothes shopping

Shopping List

First and foremost before going out to buy, make a list of the things that you want and need to buy. Doing this can help you to be organized and will make it easier for us to determine where we will buy it. In addition, it can avoid us from getting things that we are not supposed to buy. We get the most savings by sticking to the list.


Our budget can help us know our limitations when it comes to purchasing stuffs. This is the second after knowing your list. This is very practical in our bargaining process. We need to know what we can work with to save.


Negotiating is very important because, through this, you can really save money when you are good at it. Negotiate if you think that the price of the product that is being offered is not yet on your budget. Then you start to bargain. Check the quality of the product if it is still okay and worth the price is given to you. If you think it is not because of the looks of the product, then you tell the seller about it and start negotiating.

Make an agreement.

Making an agreement is also very important because of course you bargain then make a good agreement when it comes to bargaining. It can really help you save, like the example you agreed with the seller that you will buy a hundred pieces of the stuff that you want but if only they give you a discount since you buy a bulk order then you ask for a discount and if it is agreed, then you are good to go.


Buying secondhand is one of the best things you can do for your wallet and the environment. You help reduce waste and also keep things out of landfills. Most importantly, you get to exercise your negotiating skills.

But as with any purchase, you need to be careful and wise to find the best bargains. So there is no regret at the end and no wasted money. Instead, you get savings for something worthwhile in a thrifting spree.

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