VidBox: Saving Memories Digitally

Since time immemorial, humans have always tried to save memories of human experience. From cave paintings to digital videos, there is a tangible need to capture the remarkable events of human life. And leave it for future generations to study and enjoy. But as with anything, physical copies of recordings can be ravaged by time. So how do we save those memories?

VidBox offers an eco-friendly, digital solution to the dillema of losing recorded memories to the ravage of time. Learn more about this unique technology that enables you to enjoy videos from analog much better than ever.

What is VidBox?

Before, we use cameras and video recorder to capture or record videos for television videos of significant memories and other important events. Then once recorded and collected, we have used these recordings for films and for other purposes. But physical recordings can not work efficiently forever – electronics fail at some point. So how do we preserve these videos and audios if they are all stored thru CDs, tapes especially videocassette recorder?

Don’t worry! You can do it through VidBox.

Vidbox Conversion Suite is introduced by Honestech. This digital device helps you convert analog audio and videos to digital recordings. VidBox has RCA-type cables and other necessary cables for computers or laptops. The box is so small it is only about 3 ½” x 2 ½” x 7/8” and it weighs just about 2 oz.

The VidBox converter has S-video input, but it also works with any S-video cable you have at home. In front of the Vidbox, there is a LED light that glows when it is turned on using USB Cable. The VidBox Conversion Suite will be helpful, especially to those who want to save videos and audios from VCRs – family members or media companies. With this, they can preserve old files by converting them into digital recordings.

Company History


VidBox Inc, the maker of the VidBox Conversion Suite, was founded in the year 2015 by Jay Choi. They develop tech products catering to consumer video, audio, and multimedia technology.

CEO Jay Choi says, “Our passion is to help our customers capture and preserve memories and life events, and we are continually looking to the future with a vision of developing audio and video capturing products for simple, everyday use.” 

The other leader of VidBox is VP and General Manager Michael Romanies. He ensures that all products are delivered well to consumers.

How to use VidBox?

The VidBox Conversion Suite is made to be very user-friendly. When you buy this product, VidBox already provides the materials that you need, including a USB video capture device, software Download Card, USB Cable, RCA AV cable, and the Quick Start Guide. All you need to prepare is your VCR, camcorder, and PC, so that you can easily transfer, record, and convert your file.

Here are the simple steps to using the VidBox Conversion Suite:

  1. Install the VidBox Conversion software – found from VidBox site. Then put the product key seen in the disc that will be supplied to run the software. Upon installing, plug in the VidBox to your PC or laptop.
  2. Open the Change Input Video Standard. This will allow you to change from NTSC, various PAL formats to SECAM. There are options that will be shown to you on How to connect. By clicking next, you will see an option that will allow you to choose your time length and it is ready for recording.

What do customers say?

Overall, customers concur that VidBox delivers topnotch tech products.

The Conversion Suite works flawlessly, especially the easy-to-use software. Another positive feature of this product is its simple user-friendly interface. Personally, I have this product and love how easy it is to setup, even if I am not a tech-savvy person.

This have helped me preserve my parent’s old cassette music and home videos. Overall, using the VidBox Conversion Suite plays an important part in preserving our family’s precious audio and video-recorded memories.

Why is Digital the eco-friendly way to preserve memories?

The VidBox Conversion is a great digital way of preserving memories because it is reusable. Every after you use it, you can use it again whenever you want to convert other files. There are no parts to throw away because all components are designed to last a lifetime, including the video cables.

Above all, this doesn’t use the internet – beyond the initial software installation. So you no longer contribute to the huge carbon footprint of the web, which is the fifth-largest contributor to carbon emissions. You are just using your own devices such as your PC so you can use them as necessary and check your energy use efficiently.

All thing said, the VidBox Conversion Suite is eco-friendly to preserve memories.

Pros and Cons


  • easy to set-up
  • easy to use because there are clear step-by-step directions and instructions
  • works efficiently in converting VHS files to digital formats.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • comes fully-equipped with all the tech components needed, no need to buy extra accessories


  • The recording process takes time because you transfer it in real-time.
  • For some devices like MAC, iDVD is no longer available so this will unable to create a DVD that is viewable in the DVD player.
  • There can be errors in converting files. For example, some files cannot be played on other devices.

Should you get a VidBox?

Analog recorders are a thing of the past. But they are important storage devices of memories from the past. If your family has an analog recorder with videos and files, you should get the VidBox Conversion Suite. This will help preserve vital memories.

It is really helpful for you to transfer and convert your audios and videos to another format so that you are able to view your files again. And what’s amazing about the VidBox Conversion Suite is its user-friendly interface and setup. It is also fully-equipped with necessary components which eliminate the need for last-minute trips to the hardware store. Above all, it is eco-friendly because it is reusable, made to last for a lifetime.

All in all, you should buy products that are reusable and will enable you to preserve things as much as possible. Let nothing go to waste, even your own precious memories.

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