5 Wellness Trends to Look Out For in 2021

By now, it’s safe to say that the year 2020 didn’t go exactly as planned, on a global scale.

The worldwide pandemic has turned just about everything we considered to be normal upside down, starting with work and shopping, healthcare, outdoor activities, and even wellness trends.

And while the wellness industry is currently worth around $4.5 trillion according to the Global Wellness Institute, and has been constantly growing, last year definitely took its toll on it, imposing more or less radical changes.

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From workplace wellness trends to the most sought-after gym accessories, from fitness and yoga classes to corporate wellness trends, just about the entire industry was forced to adapt to the new safety measures imposed by Covid-19.

These changes, however, don’t mean that the industry took a downfall, by any means no.

The wellness sector just needed to adapt, and it has done so from all points of view. With this in mind, it’s natural that the upcoming health and wellness trends of 2021 will follow this line of change, so here is what we can expect to see this year!

Touchless Spa Services: No Touch, No Foul 

Those days where you could walk into a wellness center and hop right onto a massage table are long gone now.

Safety comes first, and with Covid-19 flying around, high-touch services are no longer at the top of health and wellness trends.

The foreseeable future is all about touchless technology, primarily compression therapy, cryotherapy, infrared saunas, salt caves, and IV drips.

Oh, and let’s not forget about float tanks and hyperbaric chambers, which seem to gather more and more appraisal, slowly becoming highly popular corporate wellness trends. 

All of these fairly new technologies are taking over the wellness industry, offering folks a way of relaxing and recovering without any unnecessary contact, and thus keeping the risk of infection at a minimum.

This is not to say that high-touch services are completely out of the picture, but at least for a while now, we can expect to see touchless technology dominating the wellness trends. 

Virtual Fitness Taking Over Wellness Trends

Noticeable changes can be observed in both domestic and workplace wellness trends as well.

While in the past we used to follow the routine expertly displayed in front of us by professional instructors, nowadays, it’s all about wi-fi connectivity and live streams.

Instead of going to the gym, or gathering around with your colleagues in the activities room, all you have to do now is join one of the hundred popular fitness live streams conducted by dedicated experts in the field.

And start practicing the moves following their guidance, in the comfort of your own home, or personal office.

Virtual exercisers came in strong at the beginning of 2021, and are definitely here to stay.

In terms of health and wellness industry trends, we can safely say that they are the future, at least until the global pandemic comes to an end. 

Snackable Workouts: The Beauty of Frequency

Not to go overboard, but the Covid-19 crisis has also taught us new and valuable lessons.

We learned how easy it can be to work, attend to your children, eat, and check in some new health and wellness trends, all at once, and most of the time, in the same place.

Work from home is proving to be much more time and cost-efficient than ever expected, making room for some interesting activities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Here we’re talking about the so-called snackable workouts, which is a cool term for short but often series of workout exercises that can easily be intertwined with your work schedule.

Instead of the all-so-popular coffee breaks you used to love taking at work with your colleagues, now you can dedicate this short time frame to a brief but on-point workout routine.

This is one of the best possible wellness trends for men in particular, as studies have shown that they are less inclined to combine work with fitness. 

Radical Self-Care

This is another one of the wellness trends born purely out of necessity.

It’s only natural that after a year like 2020, our anxiety and paranoia levels have gone off the charts.

The trauma is real, and we’ve all got to experience it up to a certain point.

However, this has led to a positive change in our mentality, introducing what experts like to call “radical self-care”.

Compared to all other previous years, we are far more inclined to take all possible measures to protect ourselves, from hygiene to renewed physical and mental exercises. 

Respiratory Wellness

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Remember how at the beginning of the pandemic everybody was so focused on surfaces and sanitizing every single thing that they touched?

It’s safe to say that this was the most impactful of the corporate wellness trends in the first half of 2020.

But everything changed in the second half when scientists discovered the true airborne capacity of Covid-19.

This turned everybody’s attention to air purification measures, which have since then ascertained themselves as one of the most predominant health and wellness trends in 2021.

HEPA filters, UV air treatment, and HVAC purification are no longer sophisticated terms for technologies that most people have no clue about, but a genuine point of interest in almost every household and work environment.

On Upcoming Wellness Trends

And this pretty much sums up the most important health and wellness trends we can expect to continue hearing about more and more often in 2021.

While some of them might have seemed far-fetched only two years ago, others should have been part of our day-to-day living all along.

One thing is certain though, real circumstances demand real actions.

We should be glad that all of us have quickly adapted and chosen to change for the better, and not just in terms of health and wellness.

But we are curious to find out what is your personal take on upcoming wellness trends, so if you have any questions or new ideas that you would like to share, feel free to share!

About the Guest Author:

Kevin has been writing content for about 3 years. He really wants to share his experiences and advice with anyone who cares about health and fitness.

He enjoys helping people achieve their fitness goals with simple instructions and overcoming any obstacles on the way.

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