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Zero Waste Grocery Shopping With EveGrocer

Zero waste shopping has been around the corner for years. Though it was originally an ideal rooted from the West, many other countries followed the zero waste movement. One of which is the Philippines.

In a 2015 study on plastic wastes, Philippines ranked third on the biggest source of plastics causing pollution in seas worldwide. And though there have already been initiatives made to solve this issue, more should be involved. How does the country take on the challenge?

EveGrocer in the growing landscape of Zero Waste Stores in the Philippines


In the Philippines, social entrepreneurship is a strong platform to raise awareness to the masses. Advocates of zero waste living use this not only to provide the needs of the Filipinos, but primarily to target their causes.

Take EveGrocer.

EveGrocer is one of the growing number of zero waste stores in the Philippines. It is designed to provide the common needs of households such as food, grains, home care products, and body care goods. They are also collaborating with other zero waste brands who wish to work with them to make sustainable wraps available on your doorsteps.

They also offer products that are already known in the market, but less in packaging. In line with their aim, they distribute commodity goods in sustainable ways. So instead of single-use plastics, expect reusable containers for packaging.

The idea started when Ma.Leonelle de Leon-Sandoval, Jonathan Sandoval, Czarlene de Leon, and Niccolo Cezar formulated the concept. As promotional product manufacturers who also cater to hotels, they realized that so much waste are generated from empty bottles and plastics on a daily basis. In addition, they knew that packaging and the brand that comes with it rips wallets of consumers. Something should be done. So, in 2019, they finally put things to work.

How does EveGrocer operate?

EveGrocer is a zero waste online commodity shop. And as its primary aim is to provide zero waste shopping experience, all transactions are environmentally guilt-free.

  1. Ordering

Buy from EveGrocer using their e-commerce site, where you can browse and order items. To avail their free delivery (Metro Manila only), you should at least spend a minimum of P1000 for every single purchase.

This does not only save you fuel or transportation fare, you also decrease carbon footprint through shopping online.

2. Payment

All transactions can be made online, such as your payment. They accept payments from your PayPal account for an express checkout. However, if you wish to use Cash on Delivery method, you may log in and provide needed information to proceed with your checkout. If you subscribe to their newsletters, you may get savings and discounts as well.

3. Delivery

Once you ship out your orders, EveGrocer will ready your goods for delivery. It’s hassle-free as the products will be delivered at your doorstop. In addition, you can get discounts when you return containers from your first order to your second purchase.

EveGrocer uses logistics that harmonizes with their causes. Thus, packaging of your purchases are zero waste, too.

What does EveGrocer offer to the Filipino market?

Filipinos are known for patronizing sari-sari stores or retail stores, locally called “tingi”. Even today, this can still be seen in their culture. While zero waste majorly introduces bulk buying, EveGrocer thinks of ways to still honor the culture, and yet make green purchases. Thus, EveGrocer offers products sold in units rather than the whole, but with a sustainable package.

Another factor EveGrocer considered is the familiarity of products to Filipino consumers. Consumers want goods that are already tested by time. Thus, aside from catering eco-friendly goods, they also offer products that have long been a staple for families. This way, they can make costumers shop responsibly.

Ultimately, EveGrocer retails bundles of products with two primary aims. First, to save the planet from unnecessary packaging; and second, to give you the best deals. Here are some of their best-selling bundles:

  1. Cleaning bundle

Products included: 1L dishwashing liquid, 1kg detergent, 1L downy, 1L CIF all around cleaner or 1L Alcohol.  

Cost: P610

2. Necessity Bundle

Products included: 3kg chicken leg quarter, 5kg rice, 100g vegan pasta, 1L dishwashing liquid

Cost: P988

3. Chicken and Fish Bundle

Products included: 1.5kg chicken leg quarters, 1kg cream dory with free reusable container

Price: P450

How sustainable is EveGrocer?

A follow-up study was conducted to know why Philippines comes third in trashing the seas. The report shows that 74% of the plastics leaking into the ocean (Philippines) are from garbage that has already been collected. How does this relate to the sustainability of EveGrocer?

The solution is not only on our home waste management. It’s on buying zero waste products. Even though we practice proper waste disposal at home—which is plausible—our trash can still cause catastrophic impact to the planet.

EveGrocer offers the best solutions to make our lifestyle and shopping zero waste as possible. Getting goods with reusable containers and refills is the answer.

Why should you buy from EveGrocer for zero waste household needs?

EveGrocer offers the best options for our zero waste household needs. We use these commodities on a daily basis. The more we buy products in sustainable ways, the less we contribute to the world’s waste.

In addition, we help promote respect to the environment. We can shop, but at the same time produce less environmental impact. We become good examples at home, and eventually society. What more if every household does this?

Furthermore, buying our needs at EveGrocer is entirely beneficial to us. It saves us effort and time. It does not rip extra cash on our pockets, too, as packaging is straightforward, but with content we are already accustomed.

It saves lives. Not only ours, but the whole world’s.


Sustainable shopping is not only a trend, but an effort we make for others, especially the environment. So when we shop with zero waste in mind, we actually help make a better Earth.

Zero waste stores needed to be recognized as their causes means the future. When we support them, we are not just being responsible, we are also teaching others to be.

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