15 Smart camping tips You Should Practice In Your Outdoor Adventure

Camping outdoors is much fun if you consider some tips and tricks that will make your adventure worthwhile. Did you camp before? How was it? Did you forget something at home that you missed at a campsite?

In this article, I will stress out tips and tricks that can help you to have a better camping experience. No matter when you camp, they will help you to camp comfortably throughout the year.

Consider them and prepare at home so you won’t have to end your journey earlier and go home.

Camping tips and tricks that you need to know

Camping isn’t easy if you don’t know what camping necessities are and how should you behave out there. I will help you to make memorable camping providing some useful ideas on several areas of camping, so check them out.

What to bring along?

No matter if you are going camping alone or with someone else, backpacking or going camping in a car, you should take some essentials with you. Here are some of the items I recommend packing.

A decent camping tent

lightweight waterproof tent

If you didn’t decide to go camping in a cottage or in a bungalow then I am sure you will stay in a tent. Do you have a tent yet? If you don’t have one take my advice and get a camp tent for eight people if you intend to camp with loved ones in the same tent.

If you will camp solo then you should take a lighter tent with less space.

Also, consider its features as they can determine if your adventure will be successful or not.

Cooking gear

camping cooking equipment

What will you eat and where will you prepare your meals? Get a camping stove and a cooking set to prepare delicious meals. A stove that runs on gas is the easiest to use, just make sure that you took enough gas tank canisters with you.

A camping cooking set provides plenty of cooking options, from making eggs to cooking a delicious soup or stew. A set should contain a container for making a morning coffee or a tea (if not buy it separately). Don’t forget utensils for eating.

Sleeping gear

Did you think of the equipment that you will put inside the tent for sleeping? On what will you sleep?

A sleeping bag is the most obvious outdoor sleeping item; however, you can also opt for a cot or a padded bed to have a more comfortable and relaxed sleep.

A cooler

keep camping cooler in shade

A cooler will keep your food supplies and drinks fresh and ready to eat or cook. You can store fresh foods inside and prepare them as soon as possible since the ice will start to melt.

A heater

A portable and tent-safe heater comes in handy in the cold winter days and when the temperatures get low.

Make sure that you buy a heater that is safe to use inside the shelter so you won’t suffocate or burn down your tent.

A tarp

This is a piece of gear that you can use in many ways. Put a tarp over the tent to protect it additionally from the rainstorm and leakage. You can also put it under it to protect your interior from getting wet.

A tarp is great to have to place on the ground where you can cook. If your tent doesn’t have a vestibule you can put it up and store the gear there.

A headlamp

How will you see at night and go to relive yourself if there is dark outside? Getting a headlamp is a smart idea since you will see at night without the need to use your hands as at a flashlight. Don’t forget to take extra batteries so you won’t stay in the dark.

You can also use a solar-powered lantern to illuminate your tent and surroundings.

Waterproof matches

How will you start a campfire? I recommend using waterproof matches that will help you to set a fire no matter the weather. Being warm is crucial when spending time outdoors so make sure you have enough of them with you.

Bring biodegradable soaps and shampoos

Ordinary body soaps and dishwasher detergents can harm the environment and water sources and I am sure you don’t want that. Rather opt for biodegradable soap and bio detergent that won’t interfere with the ecosystem.

Plastic bags with zippers

You will produce garbage and waste as you camp so make sure you have plastic bags of all sizes to have a clean campsite. The bags with zippers come in handy to put human waste inside (if you don’t want to dig a hole for it) until you come to civilization and dump it.

What are the smart tricks about camping?

These are some of the tricks that I use to have a good camping experience each time.

Prepare foods and meals at home

You can make meals at home and just preheat them over a campfire or a camping stove. This way you will have more free time to enjoy nature by hiking and exploring. I like to cut the vegetables into small pieces and put them in bags so I can cook faster at a campsite.

I also recommend that you cook rice at home and take cans, dry foods, and nuts with you to have a healthy snack.

Fold and roll your clothes

If you will go backpacking it is important that you pack your backpack smart. Fold clothes and roll the T-shirts, underwear, and socks so you will save some space in the pack for other things as well.

Where can you go to a toilet?

Campgrounds usually have toilet facilities where you can relive yourself whenever you want. However, there is a different story if you are wild camping. In the backcountry, there aren’t any toilets so you will have to improvise.

You have two options. Dig a hole and use it as a toilet but don’t forget to close it with branches and soil so the animals won’t be able to smell it and dig around.

Put the used toilet paper in the plastic (zippered) bag so you will be able to throw it in a proper garbage container at home.

Prepare fire starters at home

Make some fire starters at home using an egg box, dryer lint, cotton pads, wax, and Vaseline. They are great for starting a fire quickly, also in bad weather conditions.

Just make sure that you have some tinder, branches, sticks, and firewood to put them on top of the fire starter.

Found something interesting?

Did you find a bird nest, a young deer, or another animal that you can get closer to? Don’t interfere with them and leave them be. Did you know that a mother deer can leave his youngster if a human hand touches him?

You are staying in their living environment so leave them alone and don’t try feeding them. However, you can watch them from a distance and learn more about them.

About the Guest Author

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Tadej Kozar is the founder of Camping Valley. He runs Camping Valley to guide people to camp happily without disturbing nature and animals too much. Take the gear you will need on your trip and use his tips to have one of the best camping experiences ever.

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