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Noissue: Budget-friendly Packaging Partner for Sustainable Businesses

Packaging is one of the most important parts of a business strategy. It is not essential in showcasing and protecting the products. Each packaging should also include information about the products such as weight, production and expiration date, the place of production, and ingredients. Most importantly, it should also showcase the brand’s story and selling points. And for sustainable businesses, plastic-free packaging is a must. One of the most known manufacturers of sustainable packaging is Noissue.

What is Noissue?

Noissue is a company committed to helping small businesses and brands run sustainably. They make eco-friendly packaging materials such as tapes, cards, stickers, and more. It was founded to provide their customers with beautiful, custom sustainable packaging. Here are three reasons why we should create with them:

  1. Their products are environmentally friendly that provides customer with an unboxing experience without worrying of accumulating numerous amounts of non-recyclable plastic.
  2. They offer a low minimum order quantity so that small businesses or the starting businesses can access this type of opportunity just like big businesses do.
  3. The products they are offering can be fully customized through their website. All you need to do is to create your logo beautifully and customize the packaging your business desires.

Their Products

Noissue Tissue

noissue tissue

It is a customized tissue paper that is a perfect addition to packaging solution. You can choose whether it will be a single color or two-colored tissue. It also varies in two sizes, small (15” x 20”) and standard (20” x 30”). You can order for a minimum of 250 sheets and maximum of 5000 sheets.

The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council certifies that the paper used in making these tissues are sourced from a forest that is managed responsibly and sustainably. The tissue is made from a cellulose fiber that undergoes a process where the active acid pulp is removed. It is also free from sulfur that will make the ink untransferable. When the paper decomposes, it would not leave any chemicals. The ink used in printing is soy, a good alternative to petroleum-based ink. Soy inks are low in volatile organic compounds, meaning, it does not give off chemical and it does not pollute the air.

Noissue Stickers

Just design and make your own paper stickers and worry no more. Their stickers are environmentally friendly, and the ink used in printing is soy-based.  Just choose the shape of your sticker, either circle, square or rectangle. Sizes available are 1 x 1”, 1.5 x 1.5”, 2 x 2”, 3 x 3”, and 4 x 4”. They can make stickers with a minimum number of 250 and 10,000 maximum.

Just like their customized tissue, the paper used in making the paper stickers are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The paper stickers are also made from cellulose fiber that undergoes a process where the active acid pulp is removed. As mentioned, it also uses a soy-based ink, which is also used in printing the tissues.

Noissue Tape

Customize your own packing tape to make better branding and packaging of your products. You have an option of choosing a kraft style or a custom color style. It also comes in two sizes, small (5cm x 50m) and standard (7.2cm x 50 cm). Order a minimum of 5 rolls of tape or the maximum of 50 rolls.

The paper used in making this product is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The tape is 100% made from recycled papers and is water-activated. To activate the stickiness of the tape, you can use it using the water-activated tape dispenser or the sponge provided. The ink used in printing the customized tape is also soy-based.

Noissue Kraft


You will be given the chance to plan and design your Recycled Kraft Mailer. Sizes available are 150mm x 300mm x 60mm, 260mm x 386mm x 85mm, and 300mm x 420mm x 85mm. You can also choose whether your mailer will be flat or expandable. Minimum order of the mailer is 250 pieces and maximum of 2000 pieces. You can also upload and include your business logo, if you have one and you can add text as well.

Noissue Stamps

Quality materials are used in creating these noissue stamps for it to last longer. You can choose what type of stamp you will be getting. Available types are manual type with three different sizes, 1.19” x 1.19”, 1.97” x 1.19”,  and 3.15” x 3.15”, and self-type with three different sizes as well, 1.97” x 1.97”, 1.03” x 0.36” and 2.29” x 0.87”. The stamps comes with a soy-based ink color of your choice. The colors are black, red, blue and green.

Noissue Cards

It is a customized card that is a perfect addition to packaging solution. May it be a thank you card or any card of your own choice. You can design your own design, or you may also choose noissue’s templates for cards. It has three different sizes, rack cards (93 x 215mm), A6 (108mm x 148mm), and A5 (148mm x 210mm). You can also choose whether the material to be used will be 100% recycled or the recycled FSC mix. Starting from 25 pcs, you can now have your eco-friendly cards for your packaging.

Noissue Foodsafe

It is a greaseproof and customizable foodsafe paper with your logo or branding, depending on your choice. The paper used in printing is FSC certified, and the inks used are water-based foodsafe. It has three-color option, in Pantone colors, you may choose either one-colored, two-colored, or one-colored (full background). Five sizes are available, 7”x 7”, 7” x 10”, 10” x 10”, 12” x 12”, and 12” x 16.5”. For a minimum purchase of 250 sheets, you now have a compostable food safe packaging.

Noissue Mailers

It is a 100% compostable mailer which is a perfect alternative to the usual plastic mailers bags. It is made from a combination of polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT), a biodegradable random copolymer which can be compostable, and polylactic acid, a polyester which are produced by fermenting of plant sources such as field corn and wheat straw. Available sizes are small (10.2” x 15”), standard (11.8” x 16.5”), and large (14.5” x 18.8”).

Noissue Ideology

Noissue identifies three frameworks that assists them in developing and improving their sustainable packaging range.


It means that their products are made from plant-based materials and/or biopolymers. To be a certified compostable, the products must break down within 18- days if in home compost, and 90 days in commercial composting. It is awesome because the paper product can be composted in your backyard and it helps in the carbon-nitrogen ratio.


These are products that undergo a process in a recycling facility which double the lifespan of the product even if it was already used back then. When recycling things, we can lessen the wastes dumped in the landfills, and we can conserve the resources we get from nature.


The common packaging that are usually used by businesses are for single use. These reusable packaging can be used multiple times and for various functions. When a reusable packaging is used, we are able to prevent another single-use packaging from being used.

Why should you buy from Noissue?

Every purchase you make, noissue will plant in areas where it is most needed. Once you have made a transaction, noissue will give you a badge to promote your eco-goodness to your customers. With this type of Alliance, the Eco-Packaging Alliance, you contribute to global reforestation and showcase your brand with sustainable packaging at the same time.

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