JJ Suspenders: 5 Reasons To Support This Men’s Accessory Brand

JJ Suspenders – the Perfect Outfit Accessory For Every Man

Men’s fashion is classically minimalist. But there are still things to improve upon what an average guy wears for formal occasions and casual errands. Mainly since they also contribute to the enormous carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

One way to be more sustainable in your wardrobe is to have timeless, reusable pieces. For men, one such fashion piece is a pair of suspenders. If you have one that’s built to last and packed with as little waste as possible, you’ve hit the jackpot!

JJ Suspenders, founded by two men in 2014, offers a different way to shop for suspenders. So let’s dig deeper into this brand and get inspired to find the best men’s styles for all occasions.

History of Men’s Fashion

The wide spectrum of fashion had been induced in a very long run. The idea of fashion has been resonated with more than just your typical shorts and jeans. Add it with a little bit of scarf around the neck or cute beanie hat, and voila it’s fashion. Women have been known for their sense of fashion since the early 1900s.

From the late Princess Diana’s iconic looks on every red carpet down to the Kardashian’s influential trendy choice of clothing, it is everywhere. However, let us not forget how the Romans and Egyptians took great interest in their clothing choices in order to make themselves appear more attractive. Whatever piece of clothing they wear speaks for wealth, status in life, and occupation – which, up to now, is still relevant. Mind you, that a ‘simple’ Chanel’s belt is worth at least $375 – quite a cash there.  

According to the Sew Guide, “During the 15th century, Burgundian Court of Philip the Good emerged as a center of fashion in Europe. During the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the fashion focus shifted from Burgundy to Italy and then to France.” I mean, who on Earth would not want to try and experience wearing dresses like Queen Elizabeth I did? Those detailed gowns are decorated with fine jewels and luxurious fabrics.

Every fashion idea was inspired from the past one to another. Apparently, no era was overlooked. Hence, we still utilize and explore our choice of clothing from the past up to the present. Now, men’s fashion was not also overlooked, similar to women’s.

After the era of royalties and whatnot, the Victorian influence during the 1800s was still present. With men wearing big coats and top hats paired with walking sticks and pocket watches. According to Articles of Style, “Georgian period proceeded it had men wearing feathers, pantyhose, and high heels.” And back then, people did not find it funny and even praised men for the beautiful fabrics used and whatnot.

Moving on to the next era, during the 1900s, men explored with stiff collars and three-piece suits worn simultaneously, matching them with trousers. However, although trousers these days are still relevant, in the past, men’s trousers were shorter and still, they find them beautiful. Over time, most especially after the war – when people had gained more money (i.e., Americans), people ventured from stiff clothing to business like suits and outfits because business began picking up the pace in the economy.

Alan Flusser said, “Americans had finally learned that the goal of good clothing was to flatter rather than be conspicuous.” And I believe that is the main reason men’s clothing these days, similar to women, is bolder and much more embracing a man’s physique than concealing it. Hence, I got to understand more why Flusser would say such a thing. This is because in the past, wearing suspenders and not hiding them is forbidden.

But now men’s fashion is more diverse, which a Canadian company strives to cater to with a sustainable process.

JJ Suspenders

JJ Suspenders

JJ Suspenders is based in Canada, which offers a variety of suspenders that probably solves your problems on trying to match it with your ‘outfit of the day. This is the brainchild of Jackson Cunningham and Josh Bluman.

The two founders shared how they came up with their business, and it was simple: from a friend’s wedding. They saw one of the guests received good compliments about his beautiful suspenders, and they thought of purchasing a similar one but could not find any. So they started a business offering superior suspenders with impressive design in 2014.

Now, suspenders are quite not a part of a man’s daily wardrobe. We have belts for that, you know. So what is it with their products which makes them quite in demand and stylish?

Here are five reasons why JJ Suspenders is a fine brand to support for innovative men’s fashion.

Why Buy From JJ Suspenders?

With their rich collection of suspenders for men, they embrace classic, timeless, and convenient products, which, sure enough, provide men a go-to shop for their suspenders. And when I talk about variety, below are the kinds of suspenders that they offer.

  • Leather suspenders
Leather Suspenders (.75")
  • Classic suspenders
casual suspenders (1.15")
  • Skinny suspenders
Skinny Suspenders (.75")
  • Formal suspenders
Formal Suspenders (1.5")

Zero waste packaging and reusable elements

Getting rid of the thick, rigid boxes, JJ Suspenders opted with a minimalist look for their packaging. A branding that would make an impression. They often pack their suspenders inside a burlap drawstring bag with the initials ‘JJ’ printed in front in bold. Often their packaging would go for slim boxes. But that’s it. And although the presentation of their packaging does not resonate that much of quality, trust me, it does! 

It may seem minimalist, but it draws attention. As a minimalist myself, I would appreciate their packaging. Apart from the burlap draw-string bag seem useful and convenient. It is reusable. Talk about sustainable packaging. Besides, it reminds me of a simple lifestyle during the early days where stuff was often stored in burlap sacks. As a matter of fact, it is not complicated to look at. 

The suspenders are often neatly folded inside the burlap bag or the cardboard box. JJ Suspenders even includes spare metal clips and a sewing kit if the wearer opted to add another button if the suspender’s length is quite loose. Additionally, for those with lazy hands and a fear of needles, JJ Suspenders got you covered. Use the metal clip fasteners to make your life easier.

Hence the braces were designed so that you can easily attach by either buttons or metal clips, which is why when you order JJ Suspenders, it always comes with extra metal clips and whatnot for the wearer’s convenience.

Intuitive Designs

Did you know that suspenders way back in the 1930s, was banned and unacceptable for the reason that undergarments showing off is not a good sight to see? According to Bretelle, people tried forbidding men from wearing suspenders without a coat or suit to cover it up. Albert Thurston was the first person to design the first modern suspenders, and Benjamin Franklin used ribbon material of suspenders in the 18th century. Not until 1894, metal clasps were invented, and suspenders were manufactured to be clipped onto the trousers instead of buttoning it up.

With that said, the evolution of suspenders from its supposed banishment to now its prominence, different styles and materials are used to produce them. As for the JJ Suspenders company, there are at least 5 known types of suspenders that they offer. Skinny, leather, classic and formal suspender styles. But the most famous type of suspender is the leather ones. I mean, who does not love anything that is leather, right? It goes with almost everything. It matches any outfit, formal or casual.

Leather suspenders by JJ Suspenders are thick, strong, and durable. Definitely the right leather to purchase when you value quality over quantity. Despite its thickness, the wearer’s comfortability was still considered by the company. It’s elastic back strap also aids in comforts in terms of mobility and fit. It also has displays of grain variations which provides good minimalist design if you decide to wear something with design, but not striking enough. They are designed under rigorous testing to ensure absolute comfort and perfect style.

Another good factor from JJ Suspenders, is that they consider all sort of sizes. Whether you are tall or short in stature, JJ Suspenders definitely has something for you. 5’2 to 6’4 are usually the height consideration they have for men. 

Want to try other colors apart from their premium leather? JJ Suspenders has rich selection of colors. There is a wide selection of patterns and designs. They even offer polka dots design and other spotted options such as floral designs!! Very convenient as you have several options in terms of design and whatnot.

Quick and reliable shipping

As soon as you order, JJ Suspenders processes it and they ship it with the expected delivery o 5 to 7 days. If your order reaches at least $50, shipping is FREE. They also offer two-day shipping and overnight rates. Even international customers can enjoy JJ Suspenders with a $15 shipping fee.


Another notable quality about JJ Suspenders is that they offer full refund on all of their suspenders if ever the suspenders don’t fit the customer (within 30 days). This just goes to show how dedicated they are to customer satisfaction.

Supportive on Men’s Style

JJ Suspenders have a very comprehensive blog with insightful and engaging articles to guide men on how to use suspenders in all occassions. They have style guides, tips on choosing your suspenders, suspender maintenance, and recommendations on complementary accessories.

All in all, JJ Suspenders is a great innovative company that incorporates sustainability into the men’s fashion industry. Whether you’re getting suspenders for special occasions or for an upgraded everyday look, you can find them perfectly in this brand.

Should You Buy Dad Some JJ Suspenders?

Given the quality of their suspenders, JJ Suspenders can be expensive. However, your money will get its worth. You really get topnotch suspenders for every occasion, packaged sustainably and made for long-lasting use.

Given the quality and intense attention they give to the production of their products, as the owners would constantly visit their production factory to ensure good quality during its production, it already speaks longevity.

So if you’re planning to shop early for Dad this year, why not check out JJ Suspenders and see if you can find his style there? You won’t regret it even for a second.

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