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Gifting Owl: Give Gifts of Experience Worldwide

Gifting Owl: Is this digital marketplace for experiences the future of gift-giving?

When it comes to eco-friendly gifts, experienced-based gifting is one of the most popular trends. Most times, they are more liked by the recipients than physical gifts themselves. This is because you can get more meaningful memories with the people you love, and such experiences are tailored to the recipient’s preferences.

Usually, we book for such experiences in person, such as going to the movies, visiting the museum, watching Broadway plays, and more. But given that we live at a time where social gatherings are limited or, in some countries, outright prohibited, how do we find experiences that are worthwhile in a sustainable way?

One good way to get experience gifts is through Gifting Owl. But, before we learn more about its quirkily named business, let’s dig deeper into how gift-giving has changed over the years.

History of Gift-giving

People are accustomed to the idea of celebrating occasions regardless if they are big occasions or not. For instance, a celebratory party for a victory in the war or, more civilized, acing an exam. And we all know that when there is a celebration, close people of the celebrant would heartily give gifts as a form of appreciation and acknowledgment.

Gift-giving has always been a trait that anyone has. A sweet gesture that provides amenity towards the person on the receiving end. I wager that all of us are guilty of feeling great and giddy once we receive gifts, especially unexpected ones. Regardless of the short-lived emotions we enjoy, it makes us feel wanted – belong.

Equivalently, giving gifts and whatnots to other people signifies that they are special and deserve the attention that we give. However, the often notion about giving someone a gift is only for the compelling tradition that the celebrant ought to be gifted when a special occasion is being organized. You already know what I mean, gifts.  

Christalyn Brannen once said, “Gift giving is a part of the culture no matter where you are and no matter how long you stay.” True enough, similar to what I have said in the first paragraph, it has been a part of everyone’s culture that we are all accustomed to. It gives delight and something worth keeping for. In fact, people would even go beyond the means of gift-giving and would often surprise their loved ones to add thrill and excitement with the idea of giving gifts apart from simply handing them to the person.

One of the most common things to surprise someone with gifts is to leave them in front of their porch early in the morning, knowing that she loves to wake up at 7 am and grab the newspaper left on their porch every sunrise.

Another one would be sending them a surprise delivery of food with a little bit of something to complement the surprise and leaving them a note on their refrigerator asking them to meet you in the backyard or elsewhere. All of these stunts were already used by many and we can hardly say that it is cliché because of gift-giving and surprises. There is no such thing as cliché as long as we can make the other person jump in joy.

On the contrary, all of these would look lovely if it is done personally – basically the normal setup we had in 2019. But because of the COVID19 strike and its threats still surging up to this day, occasions were limited, with only 5-10 invited people and less physical contact to avoid the transmission of the virus. The CDC continues to recommend avoiding large events and gatherings. It has become more difficult for the public to celebrate occasions, most especially buy someone a gift because of the enhanced quarantine wherein not everyone can go outside, and some stores began closing since the pandemic.

However, since the surge of the pandemic, everything and everyone resorted online from classes, work, and even businesses. For some, it may seem a hassle still because others’ nature of the job requires physical contact, but on the brighter side, it has become quite convenient for others. With that said, bouquet surprises became a thing. Bouquets not only limited to flowers but also other sorts of food and entertainment were wrapped in a bouquet and can be sent towards the people they desired to give.

The only hassle that the buyer would have to worry about is only money and the day of the delivery because the business owner already prepares the gift bouquet, and they can already deliver it straight ahead to your loved ones as a form of a gift. And because of that, long-distance relationships or even just being in the house with your loved ones, you can already give them gifts and surprises without the need to go out and prepare it yourself. Quite convenient, right? Although some are costly, the joy of putting a smile on your loved one can already suffice.

As you can see, the art of gift-giving has evolved through the years. Thus, many online sellers opted to try such a business. With that said, a famous online company capable of putting smiles on the faces of every people on the receiving end is the tea for this article. I did not know owls are capable of sending gifts. I always thought Hogwarts is the only place where owls can be a sort of a messenger. But, kidding aside, Gifting Owl must sound familiar to you.

What is Gifting Owl?

Gifting Owl

Gifting Owl, based in Queensland, is a business that provides joy to its customers, wherein purchasers may purchase a gift voucher, an experience gift, or you can book an activity for the person you love. Interesting, right? An excellent business that can surely make someone happy. Apart from that, its variety of gifts gives the receiver a chance to choose whichever gift they desire to have. Hence, the purchaser will only have to worry about the payment while Gifting Owl will do the rest for you.

Jackie Babbage is the co-founder of this Australia-based digital experience platform. Based in Queensland, she and other founders built their company on over two decades of experience delivering tours and activities. They know exactly what it takes to make tourists smile and enjoy every experience.

Gifting Owl prides itself as the largest global experience gifting website. Here, you can book different types of experiences around the world through gift vouchers. These include flying, driving, water, food & drink, health & wellness, getaways, tours, adventure & more. What’s even more amazing about them is that they instantly confirm your bookings online.

How does it work?

According to Will Kenton of Investopedia, “A voucher is a document used by a company’s accounts payable department containing the supporting documents for an invoice.” A printed or digital account entitles the customer to a discount on a purchased item in layman’s terms.

In Gifting Owl, they offer various gift vouchers that give the purchaser or the receiver the gift to choose any adventure provided by the company, as long as it fits the amount of voucher purchased. Moreover, gift vouchers can be used to book an experience list, and it is available worldwide.

You can give or book experiences around the world with prices ranging from $20 to $10,000. The most popular items in Gifting Owl are Gift vouchers with a fixed value (ie. $100 USD).

You may choose any experience gifts offered by the Gifting Owl company. Just list down the details of the person you desire to give the experience to. Then, you may choose whether to send in the digital voucher to the person you wish to give, or you can send it first to yourself, and it would be up in your hands whatever you want to do with it. You can pay effortlessly through Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Paypal.

With the word experience itself, you already know what it aims to. You may book an experience, just like booking a hotel, once the details about the time and date are already figured out and settled by the purchaser. Instantly, you can book any experience available on their page. Completing the order is the same as the ways mentioned above. Moreover, if you have a gift voucher, you can use it to get a discount.

Why Choose Gifting Owl?

Interchangeable experience gifts


Gift vouchers offered by this gifting company are interchangeable. This innovative company added another offer in their gift experience – Global Hotel Stays and Getaways. The best thing about this offer is that Gifting Owl’s gifting experience is interchangeable across the globe!!! Hotel packages with different ratings and features are available, so there is a package for every budget!!

Even if you only have gift vouchers, you can change it to purchase another gift experience costing the voucher amount. Hence, may it be interstates, local, or overseas, Gifting Owl gift vouchers is available anywhere.

3 year warranty

We have been used with the setup of 6 months to 1-year warranty every time we purchase items. But, worry no more because Gifting Owl company offers a 3-year warranty for their gift vouchers. Therefore, for those with canceled plans for a weekend getaway because of the pandemic, once you purchase gift vouchers from Gifting Owl, you can still enjoy your experience gift for the next two years. Indeed, this gifting company is at a different level – the elite level, they say.

Delivered instantly

I wager that the delivery of these gift vouchers is faster than the Philippines’ internet connection. Especially digital gift vouchers are done within a minute. Upon purchasing, the digital gift vouchers are sent right away to either your account or the account of the person you are planning to give the gift voucher to. As for the printed vouchers, it may take a while for faraway places but rest assured that they will arrive. 


Since the surge of COVID19, it has been hard to think of gifts, more so prepare for one. The brilliant idea of this company is to innovate booking experiences for everyone. Gifting Owl’s innovative integration software offers access to many different activity providers and effortless gift vouchers or book dates using live calendar technology.

For those planning for a weekend getaway but who have no time to book hotels and activities due to the constricted protocols, the Gifting Owl website is one visit away. Thinking about it, they somehow serve as our digital secretary – preparing different offers of bookings for us, and all we have to do is choose. Very convenient!

The ultimate fun in gifts and experiences

Everyone who has experienced using Gifting Owl concurs that this innovative global platform allows people to experience the ultimate fun in gifts and experiences. All things said, it offers the most effortless, secure, and flexible way to shop for experience gifts and vacation bookings.


Gift the gift of future travel experiences with Gifting Owl. With this global experience gift-giving platform, you can find a wide variety of exciting adventures and activities to gift and book in 115 countries.

GIfting Owl gift vouchers are delivered instantly via email, SMS, or social media. The flexibility of having bookable experiences in over 900 destinations makes the Gifting Owl experience gifts the ideal gift for travelers and adventurers in your life.

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