Donald Trump’s 3 Positive Environmental Policies

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a controversial political figure in US Presidential History. His tenure is one of the most polarizing periods in American politics. In particular, he is reviled by many activists for his capitalistic policies. However, he still had made a few environmental policies in his term as US President.

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Humans are fundamentally unique yet equal. We can be unique in terms of our ideas, our physical attributes, and whatnot. However, it is inevitable to have ideas and plans similar to other people. Given the global and local issues that are going around, several politicians would really exert an effort to address such issues, not only because they are concerned about it but they must do so due to the public demands.

Sure, we have heard from countless politicians crusading their plans concerning the wellness of the environment. President Biden is not the first president to address this issue, which is why former US President Donald Trump and his administration also had their fair share of plans concerning the welfare of the environment.

“My Administration is committed to being effective stewards of our environment while encouraging opportunities for American workers and their families.”

– President Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Environmental Policies

The United States of America remains one of the strongest in the world when it comes to sustaining environmental progress. In 2018, then president, Donald Trump, signed the Save Our Seas Act which promotes international action to clean the ocean and any marine debris on sight. This is fascinating enforcement addressing a delicate situation. Moreover, ever since the Trump administration took over, they have been very vocal about aiming for clean air, clean water, and conservation.

Despite mixed feedback received from the American public, the said administration was still able to progress and move forward towards becoming stewards of the environment. Apart from signing the Save Our Seas Act, Donald Trump also signed John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act, which supports both land and water conversation at the same time expanding the recreational access to public lands.

Consequently, he also signed what was said as the most significant conservation funding in American history, which is the Great American Outdoor Act, which aims to protect all public lands, national parks, and to also preserve the national treasures.

Furthermore, since Trump took office, his emphasis on reviving the coal industry of the USA was also stressed despite such adversities it encountered, for instance in 2016 where the coal used for power generation in 2019 decreased to 22%. In addition, his efforts of targeting issues regarding climate were also addressed where his administration had to look for a replacement of the Clean Power Plan emission of CO2, which is considered as a pollutant, which was stemmed from Obama’s Administration.

The administration’s rollbacks of hundreds of environmental (and other) regulations have faced ongoing legal challenges. Especially that regulations concerning the environment are carefully deliberated. Moreover, it is not just the only subject matter to be considered as there are also several people that will most likely get affected by such decisions and regulations. Therefore, intensive discussion and legal challenges were taken into consideration.


Sure, this was not the first time that a president has been constantly questioned concerning their true intent towards governing a certain country. The Trump administration has become infamous for favoring corporations of the fossil fuel industry rather than renewables. And he has also been criticized for his green-lighting of oil projects in Native American lands.

Despite the rough reputation that was seen and observed, Trump’s Administration still shared some positive policies concerning the environment and some of those where actually realized. Even if the rest of his enviromental policies weren’t fully implemented due to the Trump’s conflicts of interest, succeeding American Presidents can use these policies, improve on them to help America become more sustainable.

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